The Journey Begins

From the Story Arc: From the Ashes

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(posted Wednesday, December 29, 2004)

Tanya was not listening to the words being spoken. Her mind was thousands of miles away…thinking of where she must go to find answers. Tanya’s father, Nicolai Rasinov, a career military man of the Soviet Union, was being buried today. The funeral was rather elaborate for her father’s tastes, however, it is not often that a former “hero” of the old republic dies. The old ways may be gone, but those in power still have some respect for what came before. In attendance were many of the former and current leaders of the country once known as the Soviet Union. Many of the former superheroes, now retired, also were present. The government was burying one of links to the “old ways” and marched out several prominent speakers to deliver their thoughts and memories of Nicolai Rasinov. Viktor Gregorvitz, once the hero Count Crimson, also delivered a heartfelt speech. However, to Tanya they were all words that she could no longer recall.

Tanya was becoming impatient. Her father was dead, nothing could change that now. He should be put to rest and the killer should be found. Every moment of delay resulted in Tanya’s frustration becoming more apparent. All Tanya could think of was getting back to America and make those individuals pay for what they have done. America-- the land that was once an ally to her father, then an enemy. America—where she has recently been sent to take university classes to further her education. “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” All Tanya could think of America at this moment was that it was a safe haven for murderers and traitors to her father. Someone in America had killed her father. Who? Why?

“Patience, child” Viktor Gregorvitz said as he moved next to Tanya. “The time will come soon enough.”

“All this talk is accomplishing nothing” Tanya replied. “I should not be here. There is nothing I can do for my father here.”

“I cannot say I can know how you feel. But I have suffered loss as well. I will tell you this, my child, the one who caused this will suffer someday for this. Be it today or tomorrow, their time will come.”

Tanya listened to Viktor’s words. She knew that he was once one of the Soviet Union’s greatest heroes. His words were true and Tanya knew she must listen. If there was one thing her father taught her it was that she can learn many valuable lessons from those who have served before her. Viktor was a true friend of her father and in many ways was very similar to her father in many of his behaviors and mannerisms. Tanya could see that she may no longer have her father any more, but Viktor would always be a link to her past that she could turn to for assistance.

After the funeral, Tanya rode in Viktor’s car as they drove to Viktor’s estate in the Moscow countryside. Viktor continued to counsel Tanya and offer his advice.

“I cannot stop you from journeying to America. I know you have started your training but I fear that you may not be ready to face the 5th Column alone. They are a dangerous group. I have faced their kind for many years.”

“I do not fear them” Tanya replied.

“Nyet… do not show them fear. Fear is what they want. I did not mean that you were afraid of them. But do not underestimate them. They will take advantage of your weakness and attack with no regard to honor.”

“Then I shall show them no mercy,” stated Tanya.

“I want you to know that I will do anything I can for you here…in Russia” said Viktor. “But I can no longer help with the fight in the trenches, as you must do.”

“I know” Tanya said. “My father trusted you. I trust you.”

Viktor continued, “If you are in need of any assistance while in this Paragon City. I am aware of a group of individuals who you may seek out. They are a mighty group that carries on our legacy with pride. The CCCP and the Red Brigade are becoming legendary. They are the ones you must seek to help you on your journey.”

“Thank you, Comrade Viktor. I will do my best.”

“I know you will. You have been given a gift Tanya. Your uncle was a great hero to his country. He was known as Molotov. You have been gifted with his powers. Use them wisely.”

With these words, Tanya returned to America. Her powers continue to grow and she continues to learn about a world in which many things are yet a mystery to her. But Tanya is determined to make a difference. From the ashes of the former Soviet Union, a new country will be built. From the ashes of her family, Tanya has risen to become Madame Molotov, Mistress of Fire. Madame Molotov has joined the CCCP for help on her quest to destroy the 5th Column. Along the way, she has made new friends.... and new enemies....