Task Forcing for Positive!

(posted Thursday, June 24, 2004)

I realize that many valuable members of Collective are very busy with reeducation process for ignorant Americans. Also, many are planning to participate in robot-hurting mission on Sunday. Unfortunately, many more have not been awarded the security cleareance to participate in massive violence on Synapse Task Force.

Luckily, sheer incompetence of capitalist heroes (will pause while good Communists spit at name) means that there are many more Task Forced missions to be done.

If you are of security level of 11-16 and Would enjoy participating in violence group that succeeds where capitalist dog party sure to fail, The CCCP & Red Brigade are assembling Saturday at 3pm EDT (noon PDT) in Steel Canyon2 at Positron figure next to pretty girl trainer.

Red Army Task Force so far...
Tokamek (that is me, comrades)
Soviet Star (or Hammer of Flame)

Red Spectre (possible)

Please go to events portion of forum to volunteer for mission.