Changes Cont.

(posted Thursday, December 30, 2004)

There had been a whole youth movement with the group and I hadn’t even noticed. When did this happen was all he found himself repeating over and over in his head, as he paged through the CCCP database. Mouse click after mouse click he went through the back grounds of the super group members “So many new faces, who are all of these people?”

Reaktsiya, finally a name he knew, his friend although a troubled look came over his face as he had not seen him in quite sometime, no one knew his where about. At the end of missions he would scour different zones of Paragon trying to find him, he had a connection to him for he was the first person to take a chance with him, he saw past the armor, saw past the conflicts and helped with getting him into the CCCP. “I will find you friend…”

He closed the laptop down and stored it away, the music from down stairs was louder then ever as the party continued on, “I need to get out of here that noise is hurting my head”. Standing back up he grabbed his gun and made his way back down the flight of stairs.

“Hey… back so soon”? The janitor was packing his tool case as he stood up to greet Khrushchev. “Why didn’t you take the elevator? Fixed it about 10 minutes ago” Khrushchev stopped for a moment and looked at him displeased

“John right…?”

“Yeah…” looking some what intimidated.

“Don’t tell me that those things…it gets me …. What’s the word I am looking for?”

“Upset…disappointed…oh oh dismayed, is that it? I like that word just kind of rolls off the tongue”

Khrushchev’s eyes glowed bright red “Angered is the word…very, very angered” John gulped as he looked up at Khrushchev who towered over him “Ok…angered it is”.

Comrade AGN Stratonik passed Khrushchev and nodded, “Comrade”

“Privyet Comrade”

Khrushchev began to walk away stopped for a moment and turned back, “Oh and John”

“Ahh Yes”

“It smells like a god damn pine forest down here, can we do something about that”

“Umm ok...I’ll get right on it. Oh and Mister, I mean Comrade Khrushchev…” stopping him from getting any further he rolled his eyes and turned back, “Yes”

“You should probably see Soviette; she can probably get you some Visine for those red eyes of yours before they get to irritated”

Using his better judgment in not going over and throwing John across the room he continued on. Making his way through the recreation room which now more resembled the Paragon Dance Party with a bar in it, he figured a good shot of Russian Vodka would help set his mind. A scantily dressed young woman approached Khrushchev drink in hand, and it appeared not to be her first. “She is either drunk or Kostyak must have turned her away” he thought to himself as she sort of stumbled over.

“Hey big boy is that a gun, or you just happy to see me?” she took the olive out of her drink, placed it in her mouth, pulling her finger from her lips in a most suggestive manner.

“Actually it is a gun”

She stopped and laughed “You are so funny… oh and so large” she rubbed her hand against his chest. Quickly Khrushchev grabbed her hand. “Ohhh so powerful and forceful I like it…”

“Let me assure you what, the façade you see before you is not the real me….You would not like the real me, now if you would excuse me I must be going”

“Umm ok but if you need me for some…hmmm attention I will be here”

Khrushchev walked and sat down at the bar which was no more then some stools pulled up to a book shelf. He grabbed a glass and began to pour himself a drink.

To be continued.