Part 1

From the Story Arc: Changes

Next Story in the Arc: Part 2 by Khrushchev (Thursday, December 30, 2004)

(posted Thursday, December 30, 2004)

I had just finished up a long day and night of Patrol, one of my contacts insisted on the thinning out the Devouring Earth herds around Founders Falls. My armor and body were riddled with Herder thorns, large rock Sentinels had left me bruised and broken and a yellow brown mold was growing on my boots from the Fungi I had managed to step in. All in all though it was a good day’s work, the pay was all right but not great, I didn’t really need the influence but I could put it towards good use. The new uniform requirements set by Commissar Saviour meant many trips to the tailors in Paragon City. Their big city designs came with big city prices and became too expensive for everyone so it was deemed that they higher ranking members would be there as lenders for those who could yet afford such an extravagant uniform.

I made my way back to headquarters the outside still looked the same, dull and grey kind of boring but what were you going to do, it was home. The problem was that it had become home to a lot of people, ever since the attack on Red Brigade Headquarters, CCCP had become over crowded and well just plain cramped. Walking inside was like walking into a dorm room, a party like atmosphere, it was not the quietness I had been accustomed to.

“Hey Krush” Kostyak yelled from across the room. Making my way over I placed my gun case on the floor, it thudded against the tile but no one could even hear it over all of the talking.

“Kostayk….I see you are not a member of the CCCP anymore”.

“Yeah hi to you too, I am just working on an assignment for the Coven”

“Right listen I wanted to ask you about a mission” pausing for a brief moment to take in all of the surroundings…”wait who are all of these people”?

“Their mostly Red Brigade members, you do remember the Red Brigade”?

“Yes I do but I never had the chance to meet them all, these are all Brigade Members”?

“Well most are but some are friends, good friends if you know what I mean…” Kostyak nudges me in the side smirking as he stared at one of the more underdressed women. He had his way with the opposite sex, which made me jealous.

“No I am afraid I don’t” I continued to look around and could only recognize a few people.

Bear walked up behind me with a drink in her hand and smacked me on the shoulder.

“Hi ya Danzig!”

Startling me, the blue glow came to my eyes and I quickly turned around, “Bear…”

“Oops sorry didn’t me to…” she looked concerned and perhaps a bit frightened, it was not my intention to scare her but after a long day, and coming back to this zoo my frustration levels were setting in. I reached down and picked up my gun case and began to walk off, making my way to the elevator.

“Do Svedanya comrades”

“Wait hey Khrush you wanted to ask me about …” Kostayak trailed off as he realized I could no longer hear him.

“What’s the matter with him”? Bear looked confused over the way I left.

“Its Khrush need I say anymore, he has been keeping to himself a lot lately”


Kostyak laughed out loud “Yeah good point”

I made my way over to the elevator and pressed the button, nothing, pressed it again nothing, “what the hell is the matter with this place, and why do they keep calling me Danzig”

“Elevators are down” a short man in an all blue uniform managed to inform me of the obvious.

“Let me guess which member of the Brigade you are….Mr. Know-it-all, Mr. Genius”

“Actually my names John, I am the Janitor, its going to take me a while to get this thing running, I found one of the members of your group I think its name is Chug, I only say it because well I don’t know what the hell it is, well I found it chewing on the buttons.”


“Yes sir”

“On the buttons?”

“Actually he ate them, he looked hungry do you feed that thing?

“I guess I will take the stairs” I walked over to the stairs and gazed upon the six flights I needed to walk up. “Its times like these I wish I trained in teleportation”.

I made my way up stairs and eventually made it to the room; I sat down in my chair and stared out the window. Everything seemed different, times were changing faster than I realized, a new fluctuation of members had come in and I hadn’t even noticed till know, an influx of youth had filled the vacancies of the members who left. I turned on the computer sitting at my desk to access the CCCP roster, the makeup of the CCCP was changing, and I hardly knew any of the new names. This has been a long year, with Workers Champion and Five Year Plan both passing away, losing several members who felt it was just their time to go, and Commissar Saviour has been delegated to a desk job.

“Give me access to the super soldier program”

“That program has been terminated” “What…when the hell did that happen” the screen popped up which made my jaw drop, the only Assault Rifle roster member left was me, I had forgotten that Major Ursa had left and Jaguar Seven was being trained in the way of the sword. No more money was being invested in the program after its numbers have dwindled. Most of the new members coming in are Scrappers and Tankers there were no openings for Big Gun toting goons like me. I breathed a heavy sigh, “Perhaps it’s time to go….”

To be continued