Family Reunion

From the Story Arc: The Fifth of Five

(posted Sunday, January 09, 2005)

Nicholas woke with a jolt in his small room in headquarters.

"Wake up you little fool, it's two o'clock in the afternoon," Worker's Torch shouted.

He hugged the pillow over his head tightly, groaning sleepily. "I am not patroling today Dmitriy, I am too tired."

Torch grabbed the sheets of the tiny bed and pulled them out from under him, causing him to fall onto the floor.

"Like hell your not, you have been lieing around for almost a week now, is being time for some exercise!"

Rubbing his head painfuly, The Fifth Child stood up and walked into the men's bathroom, grumbling the whole way there. After showering and cleaning up a bit, he went downstairs to have something to eat. There he was met by Worker's Torch again.

"Is good to see you in uniform again comrade," he said smiling smartly. "Today we will be meeting Social Medicine, Mistress Z, Russian Battler, People's Hammer, and some americanskii hero named..." he looked down at a sheet of paper, "National Shield."

Nick sighed at name, but grinned. "I can tell this is goink to be bad."

They stepped off the train in Steel Canyon and met up with the others infront of a warehouse, about 100 yards away from the entrance to Perez Park.

"Privyet comrades!" yelled Russian Battler, waving as the two approached.

"What is the problem today Nicholai?" Dmirtriy asked.

He sighed and switched off his radio communicator, "Two problems my friend, first, the warehouse is full of Tsoo and their tatoo material...and here comes the second."

They all looked up and saw man dressed in red, white, and blue tights jump down from a nearby roof.

Fifth Child knudged Torch and whispered, "I told you so."

The new addition to the group held out his hand to each hero, giving each a firm handshake.

"Hello citizens! I am National Shield. Sorry if I am late, I was just showing a group of skulls some justice!" His hand came to Social Medicine, but she turned her back to him with a loud, "Hmph!"

Slowly opening the door, the six snuck into the warehouse, shrouded by Z's dark aura. They press the backs to a nearby wall, People’s Hammer peaking around the corner.

“There is being nine of them,” he stated, “inkmen and spirits, but there mabey is being more.”

National Shield stepped forward, moving from behind the corner. In his bold, patriotic uniform, unlike the CCCP uniform, he stuck out like a sore thumb. Russian Battler grabbed him quickly and pulled him backward.

"Are you tryink to get us all killed!"

But he has been spotted, the Tsoo could be heard running up the hall, shouting after the foolish hero.

"Too late now," Mistress Z said, rolling her eyes, "lets go."

A blast of dark energy exploded from Z and in her place floated a long, black, snake-like creature with squirming tenticals on it's back. She roared loudly and charged ahead. The others followed after her, each yelling their own battle cry. Russian Battler, People's Hammer, National Shield, and Worker's Torch stood up in front, while The Fifth Child stood in back with Social Medicine, lifting the villians up and smashing them down onto the floor, or into the corner of one of the manly metal boxs that littered the building. One of the Tsoo saw that it was Comrade Medicine who was keeping the heroes alive, and fighting tirelessly. He managed to push past Worker's Torch and ran at the two in the back, sword raised into the air. As the Inkman brought it down on Social Medicine's head, Nick shot out a blast of psychic energy, blowing the weapon out of his hands, down to the back of the hall. He stumbled forward from the blast, giving Medicine the perfect chance to counter attack. She brought her knee right up into his stomach and both her fists over his head. The warrior fell to the ground in a heap, along with the rest of the Tsoo.

"Ha ha! The National Shield has brought justice to these scondrals!" he shouted victoriously.

The Russian Battler sighed and said under his breath, "I am thinking that the National Shield had some help."

Soon the team collected the tatoo material and finished off the rest of the Tsoo. They left the warehouse to find that night had fallen on Paragon City. Fifth Child looked down at his watch.

"Our patrol is beink over, he said happily, "is anyone else hungry?"

They all nodded, except for National Shield who stated, "My patrol is never over! You go ahead and go home, you lazy facist bastards!"

This infuriated Fifth Child to no end. There was nothing more that he hated then communisium being associated with facism.

"Facist! Let me let you something you Americanskii idiot! i shou-"

He was cut off by a loud explosion that shook the ground causing him to almost topple over. A nearby office building had a huge smoking hole in it's side, and Malta operatives ran out, followed by four Titan Mechs. Four more people exited the hole, and Nick's eyes widened under his mask. There, about 50 feet away, his brothers and sister stood, carrying a man who was kicking and shouting.

"Stop right there you fiends!" the Shield shouted, "and let that man go!"

The four turned and laughed at the hero.

"Plamya, may I play with him a bit?" asked Nick's sister, Beta.

"Of course you can, but be quick, we have to go home with our new friend," Plamya, Nick's brother, responded.

Beta giggled and opened both of her hands and thrusted them in National Shield's direction. He dropped to his knees, put his hands to his head, through it back and screamed in pain. Fifth Child ran toward his sister and "threw" her back toward the group of Malta. One quick agent jumped forward and caught her as she fell. She shooked her head and smiled, giving the agent a quick peck on the cheek.

"Sorry Nick, but we don't have time for this," Plamya shouted, then pointed to the Titans, "You four, make sure they don't follow us."

The mechs moved infront of the group of villians as they made their escape....