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From the Story Arc: From Russia WIth Love

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(posted Wednesday, January 12, 2005)

Nicholai muttered in his sleep, and then he awoke, rubbing his eyes. The plane was small, cramped, and smelly. He was used to the wide open places of Siberia. His family farm, with the large barn. He was used to the sounds of weights clanking together, and the sights of men running around with tree trunks on their shoulders. All the while, his father Ivan shouting instructions. Nicholai was used to it, because he was one of those being trained by the greatest professional wrestler Russia had ever known....The Russian Battler. It was this very same name that he had decided to bring back to America, only this time, as a hero.

Thoughts raced quickly back to when he was gifted with his newfound abilities, and he was dying to test his mettle against the worst America could throw at him. He glanced out of his window and smiled. The plane was decending toward Paragon City, and he could make out two of its more famous landmarks, the statues ot Talos and of the mighty Atlas. He would be arriving soon.

Stepping off the plan, he began to make his way to customs. He had nothing other than his backpack, and the clothes he was wearing. The agent looked up at Nicholai's six and a half foot fram and said in a bored voice. "Desitination"

"Am goink to Paragon City", Nicholai said a bit too loudly.

"And I am assuming your occupation is .... Cape?", the man asked

"I am beggink your pardon, comerade?"

"Cape, you know superhero?"

Nicholai paused for a moment. "Da, am beink superhero."

"Very well, fill these forms out. They will disavow the United States government or any part therin of all legal responsibilities in the advent of your dismemberment or death."

Nicholai quickly signed his name and handed the papers back to the guard.

"This is your passport and forms, in addition, you will take this ticket to that counter over there. All heroes must be registered and have the appropriate tracking devices taken care of. This will allow for instantanious transportation to Paragon City's medical facilities. You can change into your working clothes over ther." The guard indicated a doorway with a large Heroes Corp Emblem on it. "Welcome to is your Cape Name?"

"Am known as The Russian Battler."

The guard nodded, and muttered. "Wern't you a wrestler, or something. You don't look old enough to be him....."

Nicholai just smiled at the man and made his way to chage into his working clothes.