Part 1

From the Story Arc: The Worker's Torch: Pattern Fire

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(posted Saturday, January 15, 2005)

It started at night, with a low rumble in the distance. It grew into a deafening peel of thunder. The skies rained fire. Screams were the only thing that could be heard over the roar of the flames. Forty Thousand people burned on the pyre of war. The Battle of Stalingrad had begun.

Why 10-year-old Dmitriy decided that night to sneak out and go for a walk, he does not remember. All he could do was hide once the Lufwafa began the firebombing. Hide, and watch his city burn.

In the following days it became clear no one who mattered to him had survived. His friends and family were gone now, and he was alone. From that moment, until the eventual reinforcement of the city by the Red Army and the CCCP, Dmitriy life remains a blank. The only thing he remembers from the liberation is the original Red Saviour finding him small and emaciate, hiding in a hole. Nothing could be done to make him speak.

Dmitriy, like so many other children from the war, ended up in an orphanage. Life there was cold and harsh. He and his cohorts were to be trained to be the work force of tomorrow. Vocational training started at an early age, the Cold War machine needed its builders, and like a machine Dmitriy attendee his classes.

During first day in metal shop something happened. Dmitriy was handed a welding torch and made to light it. Starting at its' flame, the same orange flame that had devoured everything he had known six years ago, he finally muttered a word, "goneā€¦"

Working with fire and steel was a catharsis for young Dmitriy, and soon after he bought into Soviet propaganda. With his newfound skills we would join in with the collective and build a Workers Paradise.