Part 2

From the Story Arc: The Worker's Torch: Pattern Fire

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(posted Tuesday, January 18, 2005)

During the Cold War, there was a lot of work for ironworkers. Tanks, Ships, Subs all these things required skilled and able-bodied men, and Dmitriy was there. Never short for work, Dmitriy was kept busy. Stunted from malnutrition at an early age due to war time rationing, Dmitriy never realized the height genetics had destined for him, yet his line of work imbued him with a powerful form.

For some reason or another, Dmitriy always seemed to somehow get on the bad side of his supervisors. Be it some clumsy verbal slight, replacing a dearly loved comrade who’s shoes he could never fit, or just plain scape-goating the new guy, Dmitriy was never able to get ahead despite his skills and experience.

Coupled this with a string of broken relationships, a worker’s paradise the USSR was not. He found joy in his work, but little else. Unhappy years strung on to become unhappy decades, and then everything his work went to support collapsed in 1989. The conglomerate that his company became soon downsized him. Dmitriy was 57.

Crushed, Dimitir just wanted to run away from his past. With the Iron Curtin fallen, and marketable skills, Dimitire was able to get his Green Card, and come to America. He worked hard, and despite his age, learned English enough to understand and use colloquialisms. At the age of 67 Dimitri gained his US citizenship.

His happy year ended with a dismissal from his employer. The family run contracting company he had worked for was bought out, benefits were slowly taken away, and finally the pink slips came. Now 68, with almost no Social Security to draw upon, Dimitirie became homeless, that is until the Ritki came…