Part 4

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Wednesday, January 26, 2005)

Kings Row three o’clock in the morning, a patrol of Paragon police goes on their daily walk through the lower industrial district. Primarily a factory area, blue collar, hard workers who had been tormented by a crime wave of Lost and Skulls gangs who battled for territorial supremacy. This was the Mayor’s attempt at showing his stand on crime, but many believe it was his attempt at a final good will gesture before the upcoming election.

“This place is a real shit hole” one of the officers exclaimed as he ran his taser club along a metal chain link fence. The Taser club was about as long as a normal wooden baton, with a series of shock electrodes on top they were used to help subdue the filth that festered around these parts at night.

“I know man, I mean what’s the point this place isn’t getting any prettier because we’re here, and we arrest the same thugs and the next day there just back out here doing it again”

“The point is we are trying to make a difference doing our civic duty for the city”.

“Man don’t spout off that civic duty crap, these people aren’t worth the paper I wipe my ass with”

“Well maybe if they got jobs and contributed to society…”

“Where are they going to work, Paragon Burger Hut, for what minimum wage, please they don’t need to work and still get their fix here, it’s not going to change”

“Yeah well maybe if I were….”

“Will you shut up…we’re trying to sleep over here” slurred words came from an alley way no doubt from a couple of junkies.

“You know I can’t stand this as it is, but to get that from them, it’s clobbering time”

“Come on not tonight can’t we just let it go?”

“Ahhh...No!” The four officers climbed the fence making their way over to the alley, set your Tasers to stun, power level 8”

“Eight? For these bums …”

“You got a problem with that”

“No sir….eight it is” looking concerned, a level eight could hold a Lost minion at bay for a short while till help could arrive, but to an average person, it would probably bind them to a wheel chair for life.

The two junkies cowered in a corner as they could see the blue hue from the top of the sticks.

“Hey Sarge take a look at this” one of the officers pointed to the side of a building where it had caved in, cement blocks, bricks and other debris littered the alley.

“What heck went on here, looks like a struggle” pointing to the bullet holes in the building and some distinct burns on the ground.

“A struggle, there is a hole in the side of the building and you think it was a struggle, between what a couple of bulldozers”

“Very funny smart guy, you want to zip it”

“Hey both of you geniuses shut up, look…” the sergeant pointed a flashlight to the ground; a trail of blood went from the outside and into the building.

“Should I call for back up?”

“We are the backup, now head around to the other side and see what you can find.

Up ahead another building should signs of a battle, not a broken wall but an indentation, as if something had been thrown into it and left its mark. One of the officers spotted something embedded in the brick, pointing his flash light up along the wall, “Look up there, can you make that out”

“Looks like a Hammer and Sickle”

“Hammer and Sickle what’s that”

“You know the Old Russian flag”

The sergeant climbed up on some crates and pried the metal symbol form the brick face. He tried dusting it off and removing some of the blood. “It’s Commie alright, and there are only a few groups around here that are Russian, and one of them happens to be here”.

“The CCCP, that’s who you’re talking about, you think one of them is the victim”

“Victim…You mean culprit, those commie bastards are taking are jobs by stationing here. Look lets keep searching the area lets see what we can find”.

“I think I found one” the officer pointed to the young women laying face down on the dirt, her hero uniform blood stained. “Look at this impact wound, that’s a big caliber bullet hole”.

“Turn her over lets have a look” they gently turned her over and looked for an Id. “Field Medic, Paragon Medic team, level 15 Medic. The bullets seem to match what we saw back at the building, but it does not explain the CCCP badge”.

“No it doesn’t but this does” standing about 25 feet away around a side of a smoke stack laid a body. “Whoever this was took a beating, arms, leg and most of the ribs broken”.

“Put a scan on him and see what you get” pulling out a small hand held device the officers scanned the body to help identify the Hero. Per regulation each hero was given an identity chip installed for purposes that were only described as classified.

“What are you reading?”


“What do you mean nothing? Are you using that thing right, here give it to me” the sergeant grabbed it away and tried running the scan, but the result was the same.

“Wait I’ve seen this guy before on the news….umm his name what’s his name”

“Oh yeah I remember the guy accused of killing those two other hero’s, his name is Khrush….” The officer was interrupted by a bright green light that came from the sky, the beam plowed into the ground, dust and rock debris scattered everywhere, and an oval shaped energy field formed in front of them. Taking precautionary measures they all took a couple steps back and put there arms up to block the brightness. An ear piercing sound came and an image could be seen.

“It’s a Portal, grabbing frantically for their guns several Rikiti Minions came through followed by a Soldier and A Chief Mentalist. Their speech a series of tones, a sound that could not be understood.

“Open fire!” the sergeant yelled, all four unloaded full clips which merely ricochet off the armor of the massive Rikiti. The Chief Mentalist turned placed both of his arms to the side of his head and a pinkish beam floated towards three of the officers, now helpless they struggled against reality. In a vain attempt to bore the horrible things going on in their minds the officers brought their guns to their heads and took their own lives. The soldier teleported behind the sergeant, holding a large black blade in its hands, it brought it up over its head. Knowing his fate was sealed he dropped his gun, closed his eyes, and began to pray, “God….” Was all he could muster before he was sliced, the two halves of his body slid off each other flopping to the ground.

“Grab Khrushchev and bring him through” the instructions given by the Chief Mentalist to his Soldier. “The rest of you burn the bodies, leave nothing behind”. The remaining minions fired their weapons towards the fallen bodies; the green balls of light incinerated the bodies on contact, leaving nothing not even bones. They left through the portal and as quickly as it opened it closed.

To be continued.