Part 5

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Wednesday, January 26, 2005)

Things had quieted down back at headquarters, the party atmosphere was gone and it was back to business for the contingency of CCCP and Red Brigade members. Commissar Saviour while back on active duty still found herself bound to her desk swamped in a never ending pile of paper work.

“Look at these charges for clothing is not necessary we supplied adequate Soviet Uniform and yet they still insist on frivolous Amerikanski clothing”. She stopped momentarily as she glanced over to a picture of Mosca sitting on her desk; she sighed and smiled, picked up the picture and gazed at her love.

A sudden burst of the door opening; she quickly dropped the picture breaking the frame, causing her to grit her teeth and clench her fist. Looking up she saw Chug running into the office, he stopped just shy of the desk stood still and waved his hand.

“Hullo, I have’s….”

“Comrade Chug I thought we discussed you knocking before entering my office”

“Umm… I forgot”

“Now go outside, knock, I will say who is it, and you say who it is. Ok?”

“Okies” Chug left the office and shut the door a couple of minutes passed and Commissar Saviour put her head in her hands and shook her head in disbelief. “Comrade Chug?”


“Knock on the door Chug”

“Okies” Chug banged on the door causing it to shake in its hinges.

“Who is it?”

“Who it is” Chug responded still not getting what he should say. “Come in comrade” He ran in again stopped and said Hullo. “Yes Chug how can I help you?”

“You remember the panel in room you told me never to touch?”

“Yes, did you touch it?”

“No, but there was blinking red light ….” Chug paused for a second looking over to the side, a plate of cookies sat on a small table, a gift from Mosca to Saviour. Chug ran over grabbed a handful “Cookies…” shoving a few into his mouth, he ran off with a handful. Bestla had just walked in and was nearly trampled but Chug as he hurried out of the room.

“What was that all about?” Bestla looked over at the Commissar as she stared in amazement over what had just transpired. “I have some paper work for you to look over when you can. I’ll just put it here in your inbox” Bestla dropped the large stack of papers on the Commissar’s desk generating a large thud. A feeling of being over whelmed seemed to cover her façade.

“Is something wrong?”

“Hmmm oh nyet, nothing, I am going to head out, I need to get away from this desk. Before Chug left in such a hurry he said there was a flashing red light on the security panel that monitors the CCCP members, can you check that out please?”

“Sure, what does the red light indicate?”

“Hopefully nothing, but it usually means someone has not checked in or in extremely bad cases a termination”

“You mean someone getting fired?”

“No I mean someone dieing. I know it has been hectic last night but did you see anyone leave?”

“No…I mean wait yes Khrushchev left, but I think it was just for a walk, but I have not seen him yet today, he could be out, but I will check” Bestla left the office walking down one of the long hallways.

“Ugh to the basement I go” Comrade Agn Stratonik walked by and nodded to Bestla.

Bestla smiled and walked on, thinking to herself “If he keeps nodding I swear his head is going to fall right off one of these days”. She stopped for a moment and turned around and yelled down the hall. “Comrade Agn” He stopped, turned around and walked back.

“Yes Comrade…I mean Officer”

“Look I need you to do an important task, I need you to go into the security room and check the status of all of the members, make sure there are no red indicator lights”

“Absolutely I will do that right away”

“Great, thanks”

Agn ran down and into the basement where the control room was housed. Petrograd was already down there still trying to perfect his jet pack. Sitting down at the computer, he began to check the status of all of the members. “Let’s see I don’t see any warnings, strange, hmmm”.

“What are you doing comrade?”

“Top secret Official business from Comrade Bestla”

“Sure, umm can I take a look?”

“What? oh yeah sure pull up a chair” Petrograd sat down, and took a look at the screen.

“I can back door this you know; I have gotten pretty good with my technological abilities”. Petrograd started entering a series of codes in an attempt to bypass the computers main programming. “That’s it I’m in; alright let’s see what we got. Computer, give a list of changes to the group involving any red indicators”.

“There is one change” they both smiled as they figured out a way around the security. The computer started displaying a list of code unfamiliar to both with the exception of the final line.

“Experiment 1327941A is offline”

“What does that mean?” Agn shook his head as he was unaware of the number. “Computer what do you mean offline?”

“That experiment was terminated today at 3:19AM.”

“Well I am not sure of what that means but I will give it to Bestla and let her know” Agn took the printed report and left. Petrograd stayed behind, “I wonder if this thing has Solitaire”

To be continued.