Part 6

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Thursday, January 27, 2005)

At Crey Labs


“It’s done; we left him there to die”

“Left him, did you actually see him, die?”

“Well no but, I mean there was no chance, he was scanned at one health before we left, there was a hero who showed up, we eliminated her before she could get assistance”

“But there is a chance he could be alive?”

“Well technically yes but…”

“I have no time for buts and what ifs”. A Crey scientist ran up carrying papers in his hand, he paused momentarily to regain his composure.

“I have some information you might want it involves the experiment you were asking about”, shuffling through the papers if finds the correct read out. “Here at the bottom and on page two a pretty clear outcome I would say”. The Power Tank removed his mask to get a better read of the spreadsheet, smiling in an almost I told you so way.

“See clear proof, at 3:19AM this morning the experiment went offline and was terminated”. The Official stared at the document momentarily, and peered up through the top part of his bi-focal. He waved his hand to the scientist as to dismiss him, “Come let’s go talk”

“Look we had a couple of inside guys here performing an in depth analysis of the project and they told me they think he may have had the ability to pass on his last transmission back to the CCCP, now while they probably don’t have anyone who can read the code they may grow suspicious. If they were some how to stumble upon what happened, the ramifications could be…well let’s just say it would be bad”.

“They don’t know…”

“No one knows there, the CCCP, the City, Government no one but us, this was the first true experiment that seemed to work, the others had been miserable failures at best. In order to make Crey the number one company in security we need to not let this one slip through the cracks. Assemble a team, nothing to big, Kings Row while being a trash heap still has its population and a large group of Crey forces running around would make them suspicious. Bring the body back here and we can find out what was sent”.

“Understood, we will leave immediately”.

“That’s what I want to hear” The Power tank turned and walked away reaching for his com link, “Lieutenant”

“Yes, I’m on”

“Get me a team ready, One Protector, One Crowd Control, 10 Minions, destination Kings Row, have them meet me at the Portal Facility in a half hour”

“Roger that”

To be continued.