Part 7

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Monday, January 31, 2005)

Events that took place at the same time as at Crey Labs

“Commissar just the person I wanted to see” Petrograd exclaimed as he approached Saviour holding a small disk in his hand.

“Privyet Comrade Petro, what can I help you with”?

“Nothing, I think I can help you”. Saviour raised her eyebrow in interest

“How so”

“I was able to decode the information and I think I narrowed it down to possibly two people, put the information on this disk for you”.

“What information would that be, I do not remember requiring any information from you Comrade”

“Oh not me but Agn Stratonik asked me for some help, so I told him I would give a hand”.

“Again I still do not follow; I did not require anything of Agn either”.

“Really, hmmm, who was it, I do remember him mentioning Officer Bestla, but I am not positive”.

“Bestla, of course, so much for security”. She rolled her eyes as she had just figured out what transpired. “So what have you discovered, just a glitch in the system I presume”.

“Not exactly, the first person was Ivan Petrovich, he had a short stint as a hero but left for what he called a more lucrative career in Major League Baseball, so I doubt there is any interest in him”.

“The second I got through the code and found that at 3:19 this morning as an experiment went offline”.

“We have no experiments going on here I assure you of that”.

“I know that’s what I thought to until I was able to do some playing around with the numbers. I found that the code was not intended to come here but rather altered to include coming here. Whoever sent it here knew what it was doing”.

“Whose code is it?”

“It’s a Crey Code and…”

“Wait you said it knew what it was doing what do you mean by it?”

“Well up until now I thought this person was a person, but it all makes sense now, it’s not a person but rather a facsimile of a person, or simply a machine”.

“Who” she waited wondering who it could be.

“Comrade Khrushchev”.

“Krush, I assure you while he might be a little off at times and his reasoning behind certain ideas, he his human”.

“I am sorry Commissar he is not”.

“But he has skin, he breaths. How do you explain his emotions, anger, frustration any of those?”

“Crey has made many advances over the years in bio-technics and as far fetched as it would seem it may be possible to have him appear normal, well some what normal to you and me. As for the emotions I don’t know, I can’t explain that”. They both paused briefly each in depth thought over what they both had discovered.

“So what happens now?” Petrograd tired to break the uncomfortable silence.

“The Crey obviously got the information at the same time we did, and will probably want to re-acquire their goods. I will assemble a small team, if it’s here in Kings Row like you said we won’t have to travel far which should give us time to get there before Crey. Get Chug and Soviette ready in five minutes have them meet me outside”.

“Chug is not available at the moment”.

“Where is he?”

“He went to the Park I believe”.

“Perez Park? At this hour?”

“Da, that one”

“We do not have missions there, what is he doing in the park”.

“He goes there quite often, actually we send him there it keeps him from eating our computer equipment, he goes there to talk to nature, I guess”.

“Talks, to whom? People? Animals? Stop me comrade when I get close”.

“Actual the tree’s, well just one tree called Mr. Tree, its quite funny actually he goes on and on with that tree, talking about this and that, oh yeah this one time…” Saviour put her hand up as to tell Petro to stop talking.

“I see Gato is available I will get her to accompany us, spaciba comrade for your assistance this morning”.