Part 8

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Monday, January 31, 2005)

A portal opened 200 yards from where Khrushchev was last seen, the small contingent of Crey came through and began their move to the waypoint.

“Quickly now people I want in and out ten minutes tops” The Power Tank barked out orders setting up a defense perimeter and search grid. “There is the smoke stack”. As they approached the fears set in, Khrushchev was no longer there, had he been moved, and by who, these were the thoughts running through the mind of a now bewildered Crey Team Leader.

“Sir, where is he? Pausing for a second Sir?” Looking around as if wondering if he was in the wrong spot, he continued questioning his memory, this has to be it, right here I am sure of it, over and over he repeated the same line in his mind.

Scratching noise “You find anything”

“Nothing, no read…eith...” it became unclear what was being said.

“I am sure, this is where we left him” He put both hands to the side of his head and looked at the ground “Huh?”, he took a couple of steps back, and noticed the ground beneath him was charred, an intense heat must had been present to melt there earth like that.

“Take a look, what would cause that?”

“Not sure, I will get a sample for the lab. Are we continuing the search?”

“No, he is gone; I will report back to the Official and take full responsibility for the loss of Khrushchev. Gather up the items and head back to the Portal”.

Commissar Saviour, Soviette and Gato stood back behind the corner of one of the factory sheds that was used to house generators. “Couple of Minions, two tanks, no problem. Hold them and I will do the rest”. Looking over once the Crey regrouped Saviour gave the signal. Gato used her Mind Control, while Soviette held them in check with her Psychic Blast. The Crey held there heads in pain several started shooting each other in the confusion. Commissar Saviour picked her opportunity and hovered into the Center of the group, a sudden rush of air flew past Gato and Soviette as if all the Oxygen was being sucked out of the area. The Power Tank knew what was about to happen and began to run to get out of the blast. The brightest white light possible began to form around Red Saviour and a tremendous blast followed leveling the area. The effects were devastating to the Crey eliminating eight of the minions, knocking the Power Tank back about ten yards. Nova while an exceptional attack had a horrid side effect leaving her with very little endurance. Getting up slowly to one knee she could see bodies scattered on the ground in front of her the Crowd Control Lieutenant, he quickly glanced almost in a shock to who it was.

“Commissar Saviour, that was a mistake”, just as he was about to let go with an electrical blast Gato and Soviette ran in, Gato nailed the tank punching him in the back of his head, Soviette healed Saviour.

The Power Tank got up still shaken from the Nova Blast, motioned to the Protector, “Finish them off”. Gato and Soviette continued fighting the two remaining minions while Saviour battled on with the Lieutenant. The Protector began moving towards the unknowing CCCP, reaching back he thrusts his arm forward releasing a group of spines, upon impact they ripped through Gato’s leg knocking her down. Crying out from the pain Gato lay helpless on the ground her leg shattered. Saviour turned briefly to see Gato lying down with two large spines and part of her tibia bone protruding from the skin.

“Soviette get her out of here” Finishing off the last minion, she picked up Gato and got her out of harms way.

“I can help with the pain for now but I have to get you back to headquarters to fix your leg, it may go numb, that’s from the slow release poison in spines, try to remain calm”.

“That’s reassuring….” Gato looked concerned now knowing a small portion of poison could be making its way through her blood stream.

The Crowd Control Lieutenant took advantage of the temporary distraction to blast Saviour with an electric shot. Falling down, the electric blast singed her clothes and part of her skin.

“All too easy, enjoy some time in my Tesla Cage Comrade”. A hum from the build up around his arms, sparks flew…

“Incoming….” Falling from the sky was Chug landing squarely on the Crowd Control Lieutenant, breaking the armor and the spine.

“Hullos” Chug waved to the Commissar, he looked down “I dink he is dead” Chug reached out and grabbed Saviour’s hands pulling her up off the ground

“Chug, you’re a life saver”

“You haves Life Savers, can Chug haves one?”

“Chug the Protector, I will get the Tank” Chug turned facing the Protector, super punching him back causing him to fall into the Power Tank.

“This is a no win situation, we must leave now” The Power tank reached to his belt activated teleport and they were gone.

“Where dey goes, they don’t want to play”
To be continued…