Part 9

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Monday, February 07, 2005)

Chug had taken Gato back to headquarters for further medical attention, the broken leg could be fixed but the procedure for removing the poison was long and painstaking and Gato would be out of duty for some time if not treated properly. Commissar Saviour and Soviette stayed behind to get a better feeling over what had just happened, “what did the Crey want with Khrushchev, did they truly make him as Petrograd had thought?” Questions swirled through her brain wondering where her judgment had gone wrong, “how did I not know, how did I miss that?”

“Where is he? I mean the Crey were obviously here looking for him”, Soviette remarked as she jumped to the top of an overhang on one of the warehouses to get a better vantage point. She noticed a black circle just to the side of one of the large brick smokestacks. “There”, pointing to the ground, “what would have caused that?” Soviette jumped down to gain a closer look.

Saviour got down on one knee, reached forward and to pick up some of the burnt ground. “Not sure, but it’s still warm, some of these rocks look melted, whatever caused this generated quite a bit of heat.

“Perhaps Khrushchev used his flamethrower to fight them off”.

“That thought came across my mind, but the area is too localized, flamethrowers damage would be larger and sporadic, this is too symmetrical. I do not think it was caused by a weapon, or a power for that matter. I mean the smoke stack looks intact, and even if it was leaking it would not cause this damage, or this perfect of a circle. I am not sure I have an answer, but I do know we are not going to gain any more information here, we need to head back and I need to assess what happened, I will call a meeting with the other Commissars and Officers”.

“But what about Khrushchev, if the Crey didn’t take him maybe he still is alive and just was able to make it to safety. Don’t you want me to stay and keep looking?”

“Nyet, I need you looking after Gato, she requires your skills with this ailment. I do not think he is here, someone or something has taken him but I am still unsure of whom”.

Back at headquarters Soviette came into the medical facility and saw Gato sitting up on a bed watching television, she came to the foot of the bed and picked up the med chart hanging off the end post.

“So am I going to live”? Gato putting her head to the side trying to give her best soap opera performance.

“Yes you will be fine I will administer the last set of shots and you will be out shortly, although I would suggest some time off the leg until the bone fully heals. You are supposed to be resting, not watching Amerikanski TV show”.

“But this is Maury and I just need to watch a little more because…” Soviette reached on to the bed and grabbed the remote and clicked off the TV.

“Get some rest”. Soviette turned and left the room with the remote in hand.

“But I was just about to find out if he was the real father or not”.

Back upstairs Commissar Saviour sat at her desk turning her chair to face the window she needed time to contemplate what had just happened. She blankly stared out the window looking down at the street below watching people walk by, “Look at them no worries no cares in the world, they do not have to run a super group, and they do not have stacks of paper to sign”. A knock at her door broke the stare, she turned back in her chair fixing her clothes and hair making sure she looked ok she did not want to show any despair over what had happened.

“Yes, who is it”. She managed to say in a calm tone.

“It’s me Chug”. Saviour smiled as what she had taught him sunk in.

“Come in comrade”.

“Hullo”, Chug did his usual friendly wave. “I just want to let yous know that Gato okies”.

“Spaciba Chug that is good to hear”.

“What about comrade Krush, where is he?”

“I’m not sure, but will find him”

“He be Okies he big and tuff like me” Chug turned and said bye walked towards the door, reaching for the handle and forgetting his strength he unintentionally slammed it shut causing the large stack of paper work on Saviour’s desk to topple over. She almost smiled as it seemed to be what she wanted to do all along but never had the heart to.


To: Commissar: People’s Blade, Kostyak, Mojiotok,
CC: Officers: Petrograd, Svarog, Soviette, Carpathia, Bestial Boy, Bestla, Untermensch

Subject: Mandatory Officers Meeting

I need to have a meeting with the Commissar’s and Officials as soon as possible. We need to further discuss the events of the last twenty four hours, and what are plans are next. Please understand that this is a confidential meeting with the highest priority and I do not need any of the force hearing about this, as I do not want to bring unneeded stress or low moral. As of now the only non Officer to be aware of these events is Gato and she has been instructed to maintain silence on the issue.

Thank you,

Commissar Red Saviour