Things that go bump in the night


Next Story in the Arc: The Base by Red Star (Thursday, March 03, 2005)

(posted Monday, February 07, 2005)

The air was still thick with energy and frost. The rest of the heroes moved about the room making sure that none of the outcast where going to jump back up and begin fighting again. The Gray Ghost had leaded a team after the leader of the outcast Frost Fire. The Ghost could still hear the whimpering and crying of the outcast and the occasional crack and thud of the outcast being knocked out again. It would be a little before the Paragon City PD could get here with an armored unit to round up the outcast thugs. The team that Ghost had lead had gone though the outcast like a Scythe though wheat. Ghost had taken frost over to a corner of a small office for a little question and answer session.
Frost begins to come to "What they Hell hit me, last thing I can remember is blasting one of those stupid heroes then turning around to see a glowing fist coming in to hit me. Damn it if those heroes are still here I'm going to kill them".

Frost "I don't think you are in any shape to be doing anyone any harm."

Frost Fire can hear the voice but can not see any one "Who said that!?!?!"

Ghost drops his powers of concealment "I did you scum bag."

Frost "Great some Shadowy Hero Reject"

Ghost "Wrong answer !!!!"
Ghost picks up Frost Fire and hits him again with a full force Energy Punch sending him flying into the wall.

Frost spits out a few broken teeth and blood.
Frost "Jesus Man Lay off !!!"
Frost Fire can feel that a few of his ribs where broken when the Ghost hit him.

Ghost "You going to talk or will have to mop the floor with you again?"

Frost "I'll talk, just don't hit me like that no more !!!!!"

Ghost walk over to Frost and squats down where he is huddled against the back wall.
Ghost pulls out a Small device that he found in one of the offices that was doubling as Frost Fires room.
"Tell me about this little item Frost head"

Frost "Go Screw yourself hero"

Ghost picks his fist up letting power flow though it again. It begins to glow.

Frost "Alright I will tell ya just don't hit me again!!!!!!"

"I got it from some Crey Industries rep said that he wanted me to try it out against some hero and who ever came with him called Red-Gears."

Ghost '"What does the item do?"

Frost "I don't know he did not get to technical with it just said that it was some type of Teleportation Scrambler that would stop the heroes from teleporting to the hospital"

Ghost " You Still have not answered, Why they wanted you to try it out against a certain hero?"

Frost "I asked the same question. The Guy said that this Red-Gears knew to much and had been noising around the affairs of the Countess and some Cat by the name of Czarist, he also said that the this Czarist would pay us a lot of money to take out as many of the members of that commie hero team the CCCP"

Ghost " What is latest the word on the Street about this Czarist?"

Frost " What I have been hearing is just rumors mind Ya. The latest is that this Czarist is a Bad Mother. He is currently getting together a few villains of the City to work for him. The resent internal fighting that you heroes have seen between what is left of the 5th and the council. He has put feelers out for all of the surviving 5th members to join his organization after it gets here to Paragon City. Some even say he has been playing peacemaker between the Council and the 5th.

Ghost " Why would he be in talks with the Crey industries?"

Frost "Word out on the street is that he is trying to get his hands on some of the high-tech shit the Crey folks got."

Ghost " Thanks frosty that is all I wanted to know."

Ghost gets up and begins to walk away. As he is doing so Frost Fire sees his chance to kill another of Paragon's heroes

Frost '"Bad move hero, turning your back on me"

Frost Fire gets up off the floor and is wincing in pain he begins to let his power build up to blast Gray Ghost. Before Frost can unless his power. The Ghost spins around and Blasts Frost Fire with a Power Blast of Energy. The force of the blast is some powerful it sends frost fire back though the wall into the other room the heroes are still walking though the comatose Outcast. One of the other heroes says to Ghost "What the hell did you do that for Gray?!?!?!" With the sound of humor in his voice Gray Ghost says "We had a little miss understanding that is all."