Part 10

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Wednesday, February 09, 2005)

Several heavily armored Rikiti minions’ walked down the long curved corridors which were almost organic in nature; they glowed in a blue green hue and stretched high up and over head forming a perfect arc. Below a black floor perfectly smooth like glass echoed their march. With guns at hands they walked along side a long black cylinder that floated three feet above the ground. A Rikiti Carbon Chamber Unit, its primary purpose was to maintain a perfect hibernation for whom or what was ever stored inside. Although to most it would more resemble that of a coffin carrying the deceased, inside the now lifeless body of Comrade Khrushchev was housed.

Stopping, one of the Rikiti placed his hand up towards the wall, a control pad formed directly in front of him, placing his hand into the panel a door opened and the group entered a ship transport. The transport was an advanced elevator which could move both horizontally and vertically, as well as going to the inner and outer sections of the ship, inside the transport along one of the key pads were rows upon rows of Rikiti markings all identifying different layers of the ship.

The lab was a large oval room with a similar architecture as found throughout the ship. In the center an examining table, this had to be reinforced to support the weight of Khrushchev’s body. The large black slab had a smooth metal top, on the sides were more of the Rikiti markings similar to the ones found in the transport. At the end just above the table were two acrylic touch screens which controlled all of the mechanics in the laboratory. The Minions entered at the far side along with the Carbon chamber, a head engineer approached entering the room from the other side.

The Chamber had no apparent openings and appeared to be one piece, the efforts of Rikiti technology was evident in everything they made. A green light at the top of the chamber showed the body to be still in hibernation, passing a hand over caused the light to start a blinking, the Rikiti Engineer pressed one finger down along side the tube, the sound of an air rush from the seal that was broken filled the lab. A white smoke from the carbon freeze that poured out was quickly vacuumed through several vents along the floor. Removing the top revealed the body, torn and beaten and broken but still could be identified as Khrushchev. Several clamps were attached to the top of the body; two mechanical arms came down from the ceiling and hoisted the body from the chamber to the examining table.

“Remove the clamps from the body” the chief engineer orders as two minions unlocked the remaining clamps.

“Excellent, remove the carbon chamber and leave us” ordering the minions out as there could be no distractions during the reconstruction.

Now laying motionless on the table the engineers began to get in place to start the first round of examinations.

“Starting the first scan” one the engineers mentioned to in order to keep a detailed list of the occurring events as they transpired.

“Do you think it was necessary to lock down the body in the Chamber?” the Chief mentalist question after seeing the heavy restraining bolts removed from the arms legs and chest of Khrushchev.

“Of course, we do not need any un-foreseen problems occurring before we could even start examining him”.

“Unforeseen problems, what problems could you possibly have with a dead unit?”

The engineer snickered and began to laugh, “Do you fine something comical about the situation?” the head Mentalist did not take kindly to being laughed at especially in front of others, he did not want his judgments ever questioned. The engineer quickly stopped as the Mentalist pounded his fist on the black examination table.

“No I do not it’s just…”

“It’s just what?” now looking down at the engineer as he began to cower beneath him.

“He is still very much alive” a sudden silence came through the lab, everyone stopped to listen over what would happen next.

“Alive! Alive!! How is that possible?”

“I am not really sure but previous scans before he was placed into stasis showed activity is his brain.”

“Are you referring to his processing unit?”

“No I am referring to the actual portion of the cranium that is the human brain, you see the Crey believed in order to blend better in with humans that a mix of actual human tissue and advanced computer technology would create and adequate environment for the host. However the Crey failed to understand that a full processing unit would perform more ideally and not lead to such complications”.

“Complications such as?”

“Well I am only guessing right now but I imagine priority conflicts and human emotions may have been the cause for such erratic behavioral patterns that we have seen through past observations”.

“Come with me” the Chief Mentalist order as they walked to the far corner of the lab. Pushing the Engineer up against the wall the Mentalist placed his finger on his chest, a burning sound came from chest as he pushed his finger boring a hole into the engineer.

“Do not keep information from me, or you will find your mind filled with thoughts and dreams to horrible to imagine, do I make myself clear?” Now only inches from the face of the engineer he pulled his finger out, a green plasma substance trickled out from the whole.

“Yes sir”. Trying to remain calm and not succumb to the pain.

“Good, keep me updated hourly” he watched as the Mentalist left the room the doors shutting behind him, he grabbed his chest to cover up his scar and his shame. Looking back everyone had stopped to observe, “What?” He spouted out trying to hide what they all had just witnessed, “we have a schedule to keep contact me once you get to the head”.

To be continued…