Saving Comrade Khrushchev, Episode 1

From the Story Arc: Radoslav: The Chronicles of Agn Stratonik

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(posted Friday, February 18, 2005)

"Damnit," I mutter. Blood is running down my face from deep cuts on my eyebrows and near my lips. Two ribs are wait, make that three. The synthetic skin that covers my metal fingers is ripping away with each punch. How much more can I take? I'm fighting a battle against eighteen Nazis and I'm not winning. The Council is on one side and the 5th Column on the other. They managed to stop bickering just long enough to hand me my ass. I charge at one of the steel-clad Council cronies and land a fist in his jaw, sending him flying back before he finally landed and slid on the ground causing grass the mud to fly in the air. I turn and face another as he advances toward me and I land a Crane kick straight into his chest, sending him reeling into two of the five Council mechs. "FIRE," another Council goon yells and with that, all five mechanized Nazi robots form up side-by-side and charge up to fire at me. One of these guys is a leader...a Galaxy their called. His costume mimics that of a Superhero...this means he should be able to take this blow for me. I pick up the Galaxy and face toward the mechs just as they fire, letting their blasts hit every inch of the Galaxy's body. When the fire dies down, he goes limp in my hands. No time to waste. I throw his corpse into the mechs and charge behind it. The first mech gets a roundhouse, Storm kick to the head, knocking its head completely off. Without hesitation, I charge two more and ram my hands into their chests, short circuiting them as I pull and latch onto their internal wiring. "RRAAAAHHHH," I yell as I pick them up off the ground and slam them together, causing them to explode. I get knocked back from the explosion. My costume is torn...the star on my chest is no longer visible. I'm lying on the ground and I can't stand up any longer. That was my second wind. I use what little energy I have left and pull the goggles from my face. "Still only sight in one eye," I mutter as what vision I have left allows me to see the remaining Nazis approach me, with huge grins on their faces and weapons in-hand.

But what's that in the distance? Is that a jet? Streamers behind this apparition left lines in the sky as it got nearer and nearer. The figure got closer and closer until the gleam of an ICBM glared my sight and at that moment I know who it is. "Petrograd..." I lifted my arm into the air, as if reaching for the sky. The Nazis looked behind them as a hell scream of jet fire crept up behind them. It was Petrograd, a great Hero of the Soviet Union and member of the CCCP. He swoops by and grabs my arm, lifting me into the air as he reached for the sky like a rocket at launch. The Nazis, in total surprise of what has just transpired, lift their weapons to fire at Petrograd and I. Without warning, an Energy blast falls from the sky and annihilates the Nazis, sending them flying in all directions, dead or wounded. "Woooooohoooooo," Red Saviour yells as she does back flips in the sky while she flies toward us. "How did you," I mutter looking up at Petrograd as he grabs my other arm and secures his hold on to me by latching on to my biceps. "We'll explain more to you later, Comrade. Save your strength." I black out...

My eye opens...I'm in the infirmary in CCCP HQ. Soviette is standing with a clipboard in her hand as she monitors vital signs on monitor next to a bed who someone else is lying in. Thanh Ha, known as Social Medicine, is hanging a bag of Normal Saline on an intravenous tubing pole above me. She sees I'm awake. "Doktor Soviette...he's awake." Soviette glances over at me and smiles as she sees me looking at her. I smile at her, too. She's patched me up many times. There's no need for words...she knows I'm tough. Thanh Ha shrugs and walks off to a medication table to draw medication into a syringe. I get a glimpse of the person in the next bed. It's Gato Rojo. I feel surprise and smile at the fact that Soviette was able to sedate her enough to keep her quiet and sleeping. I lay my head back onto the pillow and slip into sleep...
"Nyet, we have yet to locate him. Is long time we have been searching for him and found nothing. Signal is no longer available for to track him...I feel we are at a dead en...Comrade Agn?" I awake to see Petrograd, Red Saviour, Worker's Torch and Thanh Ha all standing in a huddle speaking. Gato is awake, sitting on her bed and having a bowl of potato soup, which I cooked a day or two ago. She sits and listens intently on the conversation. Red Saviour stopped speaking as she saw me wake up. I look at her and nod. "Still enough strength to NOD, eh, Agn," Gato chimes in with a smirk. I part my lips to speak. I can still taste my own blood on my lips. I struggle to get words out at first. "What about Khrushchev?" Red Saviour grimaces. The others bow their heads as if in prayer. Red Saviour swallows and lump, "He's missing, tovarisch." "Missing?" "Da...We are not sure where he is being held. We needed your help in finding him and were unsure where you were until we saw your indicator light flash yellow. We tracked you down and brought you back here. We need all of CCCP and Red Brigade to find Officer Khrushchev." I lift myself up...still a little dizzy and the room almost begins spinning, but I stay composed. I reach over to a nightstand and take a piece of gauze and a roll of silk tape. I tear off a piece of tape and remove the IV from my arm, taping the gauzed to the open vein to prevent any bleeding. I stand up next to my bed and with little pain in my body, no matter how torn up I am, I stand ready and say, "Where do we start looking?"