Part 11

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Tuesday, February 22, 2005)

“We have made great strides in our research and we have now completed what will be the newest Rikiti Battle Unit”. The head engineer spoke as several Chief Rikiti stood by watching and waiting to see if what they had gone through would be worth the cost. A circular door in the floor opened and steam poured from the hole, a lift brought Khrushchev up to view. A sight to be seen as the first of what would be many battle units came up from the layers below.

The heavily armored unit walked off the platform his metal boots clanked across the grid of the ship, stopping just in front of the Chiefs. They began to whisper to one another, the Chief Mentalist stopped to speak.

“Excellent work, this will be a great day for the Rikiti as we will see the beginning of a new world and the end of the Human race”. The rest of the Rikiti cheered on as the labor now seemed worth it as the plans for domination would continue with a renewed interest.

“Is it ready to be battle tested?”

“Yes, this is a fully functional unit, he will be the lead, however he we outfitted him with a few advanced modifications that will not be in the rest of the division”. The head engineer spoke with confidence over his work as he was being praised by several other peers and co workers.

“Good I want to see him in action tomorrow, now if you will excuse us”. The Chiefs got up and followed each other out of the meeting. Several engineers came over and congratulated each other on the work.

“Tomorrow will be the big test so lets re-run the protocol analyzer and bring him out to the test field for a final weapons run”.

As the rest of the group left, the engineer was preparing to put the unit back into storage and offline, one of the assistants stayed behind to bring up what he thought maybe issues.


“I need to discuss with you something of an urgent nature”

“There is no need to whisper everyone has left”.

“Come to the lab”. He pulled the engineer to the side and tried to speak as quietly as he could, he turned on some tools to hope the noise would offset any hidden tracking devices.

“I analyzed the data further coming from the still biological side of his brain and well…”

“Biological, you told me that you eliminated that portion, what are we going to do now I just promised the council a military showing tomorrow and you spring this upon me now”.

“While I was working on the Khrushchev I was pulled aside by the head council, he informed me that they wanted to leave his cognitive features the way they were, according to him they needed away to be in constant contact with the unit at a brainwave level incase all other communications failed”.

“Why didn’t they tell me about this?”

“Probably because you would disapprove”.

“Your damn right, we know that the human brain is not perfect and cannot be trusted in battle, there are too many emotions with humans that would cause mistakes”.

“I agree and that’s why we need to discuss what I have found”

“Go on”

“I have monitored the brain patterns and have picked up images”


“Memories, pictures of his past, members of his group, thy all end in very unstable patterns right at the time of his last battle”.

“Can they be controlled?”

“I am not sure, I am trying to work on something now but we need to test him before the trail tomorrow, ensure we work out any discrepancies”.

The head engineers face had gone from a proud moment earlier to that one of despair he knew that not only his job would be at stake but his life, the council had no time for problems and no time for incompetent workers.

“There is more, part of his brain may still be sending out distress signals to CCCP headquarters in an attempt to access their mainframe, however the messages would be garbled and un readable, but it is possible no matter how improbable that the message could be decoded and they could be looking for him now”.

“Can we turn off his brain functions for just the test?”

“I thought of that, but I fear that they may try and keep some sort of contact with the unit at all times and if we were to turn it off they would be here quicker that you could imagine”.

“If they stay in contact then they must have seen his images, his distress calls”.

“The images very likely, although they probably don’t worry about them as much, and if there are any failures they will not be blamed, the distress calls however are on a different level and have not yet been detected, I only stumbled on them during a test that had nothing to even do with the unit”.

The assistant looked on a short silence followed as neither knew what to do next, each of their lives would be judged on the performance or lack there of .

“I will take him out, I am familiar with the brain patterns and will monitor the situation, and I would contact you if needed. We will just have to hope come tomorrow he doesn’t have any surprises for us or the council”.

To be continued…