Part 12

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Tuesday, February 22, 2005)

Petrograd sat in his chair staring at the main frame computer, a perplexed look crossed his face as he tried making his way through message after message of garbled text. Agn walked in and saluted.

“Commissar is good to see you” Petrograd continued to stare at the screen, Agn cleared his throat “Ehh hmmm”.

“What? Oh yes Agn good to see you too” continuing to look at the screen trying to make out any pattern in the symbols, he stopped for a second to look over at Agn.

“You can put your hand down now, remember it still me, don’t let the title get in the way”.

“Of course, you know what you are doing can be done by me if you would like, I am sure you would rather not be performing such functions as you are now glorious Commissar”.

“Stop would you, just because I have a new title doesn’t mean I disband my old responsibilities”.

“I know I just meant…”

“Look just grab a chair and see if you can help me figure this out”.

Agn wheeled over a chair and sat next to Petro, they both now stared at the screen as if it had them in a trance.

“Well what is it, looks like garbage to me?” Agn exclaimed as the symbols scrolled across the screen.

“Yeah that’s what I thought, but it keeps coming here every hour in exact increments, and while it’s garbled the images are the pretty consistent”.

“Then it shouldn’t be hard to break the code, right? I mean if there the same then we just need to give a word or a meaning to each symbol”.

“I wish it were that easy, but I tried that, but embedded are images, pictures but they are vague and broken, like a jigsaw puzzle except we are missing a lot of the pieces”.

“Have you tried assembling the pictures?”

“Yeah the pictures are still random, as if I haven’t gotten a second piece that matches any of the others yet”.

“Look I am going to grab some lunch, lets let this thing run, I have the computer running a program storing like information together, and a decoding program to see if we can decipher any of this”.

Agn stood up and saluted again, “Yes Sir” bringing his hand up to his head.

“What did I just say about saluting?”

“Sorry force of habit, I am doing better though Bestla got me to stop nodding as much”.

“Really how did she do that?”

“Something along the lines of if you nod at me one more time I will break you head off and kick it down the street”.

“I will have to remember that”.

Agn gulped as he heard Petrograd and saw him smile to the Bestla remark. He turned to look at Agn and saw him standing still.

“Once again I was joking, come on lets go”.

To be continued…