Part 13

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Tuesday, February 22, 2005)

Meanwhile the Crey had gathered a large force to make a final push at re-acquiring the Khrushchev unit. A last ditch effort to reclaim what was theirs from the hands of the Rikiti. A last effort to maintain control over everything, but with out knowing the strong grasp of Crey Labs had been slipping since the loss of their precious project.

The large Crey force marched onto the Rikiti crash site, Tanks Minions Protectors, and heavy armor vehicles made their way through the war torn streets. The heavy tracks of the armored vehicles left waste to what was left of the streets of the worn torn city. Their rumble vibrated the ground tumbling some of the shakier buildings to the ground.


“Coming on 5 miles and counting should be in visual range at the crest of the next hill”.

“Good keep all forces out of radar range, low and tight. I need two scouts head up further and give us a read out of the first defenses, after that it will have to make it up as we go”. Two Crey Cryo Tanks moved forward engaging super speed to move them ahead at a frantic pace, “up ahead let’s get to the top of that building and see what we can get”.

The two tanks found a lookout post at the top of an old office building which like much of the city had been decimated. “Get a long range scan”. Inside the helmet of the Crey was built in binoculars which allowed a great amplification of site bringing them into the front of the Rikiti ship.

Within the Rikiti ship the council gathered, a Head Soldier made his way in and remarked at the large troops that had made their way into striking distance.

“We are well aware of the Crey force, they pose little threat to us”.

“They are a large group”

“Your concern will be handled, once they cross the marker empty troops behind them, I will have a surprise for them shortly”.

The Head soldier bowed and left the room to get prepared for battle. The Head Council contacted the engineer, “Have the Khrushchev battle unit ready we are sending him in shortly”.

“Wait we haven’t had the last field test yet, we need that extra day to make sure…”

“Do not question the leadership of this council arm the unit and send him in just after the first wave”.

“Yes I understand”, the engineer left the console and turned to the assistant with a look of disbelief. “Get the unit prepared”.

“But sir you and I just discussed the issues”.

“We have no choice, let us pray that all goes well, and add the armaments”.

Back in the streets the Crey had made it to just beyond the first marker.

“Sensors on, strange I am not getting anything, I can’t tell the status of the shields”.

“Up or down you should get a read of those shields”.

“Sir it’s possible that they are jamming us”.

“How can they be jamming us if they don’t know we’re coming” a sense of fear came over the lead tank as he realized his words. Reaching for his com-link he radioed back to the force commander which continued its movement.

“Break off the attack, the shield is still up”.

“Are you sure I am not getting any reading”.

“Pull back I repeat pull back”. Stopping to look at his partner, “Let’s get the hell out of here now”. Jumping down the side of the building they engaged super-speed and began the return to the battle group.

The heavy armor made the adjures task of turning, wheels squealed under the pressure, tracks tore through the ground sending dirt through the air. Bright green lights poured down from the sky as portals opened everywhere. Rikiti Minions by the dozens flowed out of the openings.

“It’s a trap, protectors stay close to the main battle tanks, prepare for battle”. The ear piercing noise of portal after portal made the battle deafening.

“We’ve got to close those portals, get these forces moving”.

“We’re not going to have another opportunity like this again”.

“Yeah well were not going to last long if we stay here either”.

The sky filled with green balls of light and explosions rocked the ground, Rikiti and Crey began falling as the fight drew closer. A separate blue beam of light came from the sky out walked the Khurshchev unit, his sensors monitored the information and scanned the area picking out a large Crey mass ahead. Bringing up his gun the full auto filled the air, tracer fire scattered across the side of buildings and one by one he dropped a whole contingent of Crey forces.

“Take out that unit it is decimating our forces” the head Crey tank shouted out orders from inside the tank. Its turret turned getting Khrushchev in it sites.


Leaping out of the way Khrushchev stood now at the top of the building as he watched the building that was just behind him collapse. Brining up a rocket launcher he fired back at the tank hitting its tracks and halting its movement, there by stopping its retreat. The Rikiti minions swarmed the now stationary tank picking it apart with gun fire.

“Make your way towards the Crey portal do not let them escape” Khrushchev sent signals to several other Chief Soldiers. The council continued to monitor the situation and was pleased with the results.

“He is performing admirably, even assuming command, he is far ahead of schedule, once the battle is finished get him ready for the real test, the attack against the rest of these vile humans”.

Khrushchev super jumped to the next building however just as he approached his landing random thoughts, sounds and images replaced his vision another disjointed picture entered his mind, the Super jump went off line and he fell down through the air gaining speed and crashed through the roof of the building falling through several floors before stopping six floors in, the images went to static.

“We have lost contact with the unit what is going on” the council minds worked together in a frantic pace to contact Khrushchev.

“Nothing” the head Mentalist exclaimed, they turned to the image screen and contacted the engineer.

“Yes”, the engineer muttered as he too was aware of the predicament.

“I am not sure of what went on, I told you it was not ready and needed more time…” he brought his hands to his head and screamed in pain dropping to the floor dead, they turned the screen to the assistant, “You are in charge now get the unit at all costs do not fail us”.

“Right away” the now new head engineer spoke as he glanced down to his now dead co-worker.

The Crey army continued there trek back to the portal, “All groups maintain a tight perimeter do not let anything get through proceed to the portal”. The fire fight continued on as guns blazed through the air, energy blasts from Crey tanks blasted back Rikiti minions as they tried desperately to clear a path. “The portal is just ahead, full speed”, several Crey began making there way through, some dying right in front of the portal reaching ahead as if grabbing for life. The rest made their way through, and the battle was over, bodies strung across the streets, smoke and dust clouded up the air, buildings were left in rubble and smoldered, flames rose up from the destruction.

The Rikiti engineer teleported into the building witnessing the wreckage. Looking up through the ceiling he could make out the sky through the now large whole in the roof. Khrushchev was motionless but his armor remained in tact, he ran up and began a full scan of the unit. Khrushchev’s hands began to move and the Engineer propped him up against the side wall.

“Remain still I will run a scan to get a full knowledge of your condition”. Khrushchev began a self diagnostics of his system, everything was functioning normally, and his screen again gained static images.

“I am seeing images again, flashes of pictures” Khrushchev remarked to the engineer.

“Do not worry about that, just an adjustment to your sensors from the fall I will take care of that shortly”.

The images became clearer they were no longer pieces but whole images, whole photos in his brain as clear as day. Pictures of the CCCP logo, Chug, Hammer, Bestla, Commissar Saviour. Images of battles of the past, images of Khrushchev with these people, but who are they.


“I’m sorry what?”

The scan went deeper into his mind delving into places that had been blocked by the Rikiti, names began to come to his mind and out of his mouth.

“Commissar Blade, Kostyak…Reakatsyia…”

“Your functions must have been damaged more than I thought, I will have to do a full repair, just a minute”.

Images of Khrushchev talking with these people, images of him fighting the Rikiti side by side, the word “Comrade” came out of his mouth. A sudden realization of his being came to fruition, looking down to his side a piece of broken girder laid on the ground he grabbed it firmly in his right hand, and in one swift motion plunged it through the head of the Rikiti Engineer. Getting up he pulled his gun from the wreckage and jumped out of an opening at the side of the building.

“The Engineer is dead, Khrushchev has fled, send a unit after him, stop him from leaving”.

To be continued…