Part 14

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Thursday, February 24, 2005)

Coming through the Portal between the Crash site and Crey’s Folly Khrushchev continued moving for cover. Stopping for a moment to gather his surroundings, it had a familiar feel but he still did not know where he was. He had stumbled into Carnival Town, a place of freaks and misfits, a large Crey experiment that never panned out kept far away from civilization, left to fend on their own. Looking upwards he scanned the metal factory skyline for a good post to take refuge in, an unused water tower had an opening in the side that looked large enough to take aim from.

Crouching up in his perch he lined the rifle with the entrance to Crey’s Folly, a group of ten Rikiti Minions and a Chief Soldier was first through. Lining up the first target the gun blast echoed in the empty cylinder, blood splattered across the ground and the Rikiti dropped to the ground as the bullet passed through right between the eyes. The startled group scattered like ants trying to determine where the shots were fired. Second shot fired plows through the shoulder of a second minion causing the arm to rip from its socket, it flopped on the ground still moving on its own for several seconds.

“Where are those shots coming from?” one of the Rikiti shouted as he tried to peek around the small wall he was hiding behind. The Chief Soldier grabbed the minion from the back of the head.

“We will soon find out” he yelled as he pushed the minion out into the open, a third shot fired, this time into the chest killing it instantly. “There in the farthest left water tower, take aim at the base of the structure”. The Rikiti guns blazed green balls of energy pounded the fragile base of the tower, the acid properties of the Rikiti guns made quick work of the rusting metal causing the supports to buckle. Feeling the eminent collapse Khrushchev leaped from the tower grabbing hold of a beam from an adjacent building, as the tower collapsed the side caught Khrushchev in the back of the head, denting his protective helmet but worst causing his head to turn violently.

“Not now…” he grabbed the side of his helmet as the images began appearing once again. Fighting his way through a maze of debris he vaulted over a final wall landing in green sewage lake below. He began to move as fast as possible, his best chance to camp out would be in the abandoned factories that comprised the center of Crey’s Folly. Finding shelter in an old parts warehouse Khrushchev sat down behind a stack of wooden crates.

“I don’t pick up any trace of him, he could be anywhere in these buildings”. The Rikiti stood in the center of what looked like a maze, building after building stretched on for miles in every direction. “Split up and call for immediate assistance upon identification of the target, the council has requested him to be brought back, but they did not state in what condition”. The Rikiti split up the force in a better effort to canvas the area thoroughly.

“Alright let’s see what we got” Petrograd and Agn sat back down in front of the mainframe to see if any further analysis had been done. The screen started to display the images again but now they were almost whole.

“Look, there to the right of the black mark, computer center section 128 by 75, enhances and enlarges”. Two lines moved across a grid and intersected at a point the picture was enlarged and focused into view.

“That looks like Commissar Saviour” Agn pointed to the screen, “and there I think that big lump maybe Chug”.

“Right and look here the coding, the sequence isn’t words but rather numbers, take this down”. Agn grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, “ready”.

“1-3-2-7-9-4-1-A, where have I heard that sequence before?” Petrograd paused for a moment, tapping the side of his head with his finger “think damn it…think…that’s it, but how it can’t be possible”.

“What…what can’t be possible?” Agn had now idea of what was going on but by the look on Petrograd’s face it was important. “Do we have anyone in Crey’s Folly?”

“Wait what is so important…”

“Just do it I will explain later”.

“Lets see according to the list yes, Gato, Hammer, Iron Soviet and Kremlin, they are currently in a mission there”.

“Alright guys in and out, according to my contact there is a weapons cache to the back of the building, it doesn’t appear to be heavily armed so lets clear these freaks out and get back home” Gato instructed the group as they made the way into the warehouse.

“Wait…I am getting an incoming signal from headquarters” Hammer stopped the group from going any further. “It’s Commissar Petro…go ahead we can all hear you”.

“Listen this is very important I need you go to coordinates 1298 by 2341 right now”.

Kremlin replied “wait you want us to abandon the mission?”

“If needed then yes…you can come back to it later”.

“We can’t come back to it later they will be out of here later and then were screwed he shipment is lost”, Gato tried her best to get out of leaving the task at hand.

“Listen I don’t care what…”

“Wait, hold on according to my calculations those coordinates place it right in here, actual just at the other end of this hall” Hammer pointed across the room, “there just behind those crates next to that equipment”.

“Lets go then” Kremlin began walking towards the crates Gato grabbed his arm, holding him back.

“Wait a second, before we go marching over there what are we even looking for, or better yet what should we be expecting?”

“Look I am expecting you will find something of great importance, actually someone”.

“Who commissar?” Hammer seemed intrigued to whom they would find.

“Khrushchev” the four went silent and they all looked at each other with disbelief.

“Commissar you as much as all of us wish that Krush was still with us, but he is gone, we have to except that, lets not rehash old feelings”. Gato spoke as the rest listened on still not sure of what they just heard.

“Look just humor me, there are four of you, and if I am wrong you can handle it”. Petrograd’s voice changed in tone trying to get the others to follow directions. Making there way over they could see what appeared to be a person leaning up against a wall.

“Who is that?” Kremlin looked down at the large mech like figure which was slumped against the wall.

“What is it is more like it, that’s not human” Gato stared at the thing sitting before her, “what ever it is it does not appear to be functioning properly, (sighing)…well lets get it up”.

Hammer and Iron Soviet each kneeled down, next to Khrushchev grabbed him by the arms lifting him up from the floor, “God he is heavy” Soviet remarked as they both strained to lift him up.

“You got him?” Petrograd questioned Gato.

“Yeah we got him, or we got it might be better, this is not Khrushchev Petro no matter how much you want it to be”. Gato tried to be as calm as she could without upsetting everyone.

“Listen just bring him back here, I will take full responsibility for this action not you”.

“You heard the man lets get this heap of metal back” Kremlin spoke up as Soviet and Hammer brought Khrushchev outdoors and began the long trip back to Kings Row. Making there way down the main street the gate to Brickstown Kremlin stopped suddenly to look around.

“You guys smell that?”

“Yeah I smell it…I smell this place is a sewage heap, now let’s keep going” Gato replied.

“No…I smell…” Kremlin’s spines came out everyone backed up a step, launching the spines right towards Gato, “Duck” she quickly dropped and the spines went through the throat of a Rikiti coming up behind them. The alien franticly grabbed at the spines gasping for air but could do little as its oxygen was cut off.

“That’s scary you know…you should lay off the Superadine”.

“Don’t even go there…”

“Stop…just stop, look there maybe more let’s just keep going”.

To be continued…