Part 15

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Thursday, February 24, 2005)

“I see someone is starting to wake up” Soviette remarked as she stood along side Khrushchev’s bed going over some of his charts. His vision was blurred and eyes felt heavy and swollen, he could make out shapes but not details, he could hear noises but they were disjointed and unfamiliar. Soviette leaned over and removed the breathing tube from his mouth, “I don’t think we need this anymore”. His lips dried and cracked, and bled when the tube was removed.

“The bleeding will stop soon and your mouth will continue to feel dry until you start taking fluids normally again”. Khrushchev tried to speak, but he was lacking the strength to even muster a word. “I will be back tomorrow to see how you’re doing for now what you need is continued rest”. Rest, the only word he understood, the heaviness of his eyes forced them shut and he fell back asleep.

The next morning Khrushchev was awoken to the sound of blinds being pulled open, “Let’s gets some daylight in here, and by the smell in this room, lets open a window, and some fresh air might do you good anyway”. Khrushchev’s eyes opened he could now see images although he still had a hard time focusing he could see who was talking to him. Looking down his chest he could see several pads stuck to him held down with tape, wires going in all directions hooked up to a variety of machines.

“What is all this?” Khrushchev mumbled his words softly but loud enough where Soviette could hear.

“Well someone can talk now to, your making excellent progress, those are just sensors monitoring your vital signs, and I don’t think we need them anymore so let’s take them off”. Soviette began removing the pads one by one, Gato had walked into the room and stood next to him.

“Hi Krush, how are you feeling?” Khrushchev turned his head slowly to see who was talking to him, he stared for a minute and said nothing.

“Do you remember who I am?” Gato smiled as she leaned in the sun formed around her face making her look as if she was glowing.

“Are you an Angel? Am I dead” Khrushchev looked confused as he watch the sun sparkle around Gato’s face.

“An angel why that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever…” Soviette managed to interrupt Gato mid sentence.

“That’s Gato Rojo, hardly an angel, and you’re not dead your lying in your room”.

“Hey if he thinks I am an angel why should I deprive him of that? Well I‘ve got to go, good to see you awake and back in one piece”. Gato squeezed his hand briefly, smiled and left the room.

“Listen I have a meeting to go to, I will be back soon to run some tests, call me if you need anything”.

Khrushchev spent the next few days wandering around his room staring at old photos in a desperate attempt to reconstruct the past. He slowly could place names with faces, he could now speak clearly and his vision and hearing had come back to normal, his recovery rate was astonishing, and his thought was the Rikiti technology that was intermingled with him was causing his quick regeneration. Everything appeared normal but he began to wonder if there would be any future side effects.

Still disoriented over his long recovery Khrushchev had been cooped up in his quarters for what felt like an eternity. It would still be some time till everything would be back to normal but he felt now was a good a time as any to become re-acclimated with moving around. Getting up off the bed made him some what dizzy; he reached around for something to balance himself with as the room seemed to spin on its own. His head pounded with what felt like a hang over covered with a migraine. Lumbering towards the bathroom he opened the medicine cabinet and reached for Aspirin.

"Stupid child proof tops" he struggled with the push down and turn, and thought it would be easier just to break it open. Smashing the plastic container sent aspirin flying everywhere; he gathered a handful, threw them into his mouth and tried to swallow. He grabbed a Dixie cup and went to get some water to help dislodge the pills that seemed now caught at the back of his mouth. Turing the handle to the faucet revealed that the water had been shut off in his quarters.

“God damn it, they turned it off!” He mumbled, his mouth filled with the aspirin now dissolving caused him to gag over the awful taste, he built up some saliva in his mouth and managed to force down the remaining pills. Determined to get his water turned back on and to go out and get some fresh air he opened the door to his room to leave. A startled Soviette and Bestial Boy stood at the door as Soviette ended up knocking on Khrushchev’s chest rather than the door.

“Oh, you startled me” Soviette remarked as she realized she was knocking on his chest, he looked down and she stopped.

“Sorry wasn’t expecting you to be walking out at this moment, or walking at all for that manner, your recovery had been quite remarkable”.

“Right” Khrushchev remarked as he stared down at his two visitors. “So what can I help you with?”

“Well Commissar Bestial Boy and I were just on our way up here to give you some of your things, and check on your progress, so when you have some time I could like to run some tests”

“Oh and I have your mail”, Bestial Boy tried handing a large stack of banded mail to Khrushchev.

“So I would like to perform a few tests just to get a general feel of….” Soviette stopped talking as Khrushchev placed his had up signaling her to be silent.

“It may just be the fact that I haven’t been outside in quite sometime, or that I feel as if a jack hammer is bouncing off the temple of my head but did you just say that he is the new Commissar? How long have I been out a year?”

“No two weeks actually and yes he is along with Petrograd. Now about those tests”.

“Not now” Khrushchev remarked as he began to make his way down the hall. “I need to speak with Saviour”.

“Wait I need to test you for…” Soviette dropped the chart to her side, “Damn still same old Khrushchev never wants help from anyone”.

“I’ll get him to comeback, Comrade! Wait Soviette needs to test you”. Bestial Boy did not fair any better.

“I order you to come back” Bestial Boy tried to sound as authoritative as he could. That caused Khrushchev to stop dead in his tracks; the thought of being ordered made him some what unpleasant. While he normally always obeyed orders of higher ranking members he felt different now, his eyes began to glow red, he marched back, now standing mere inches away looking down at Bestial Boy, “What?”

“Nothing, umm nothing at all…yes proceed with talking to Commissar Saviour, yes that is good” Bestial Boy managed to reverse the situation to make it appear in his favor. Khrushchev turned and continued to walk away.

“Do Svedanya Comrade I look forward to working with you soon” He saluted as he watched Khrushchev walk around the corner.

“He’s gone you can put your hand down now” Soviette rolled her eyes as she watched Bestial Boy saluting the air.

“What? Ahh, yes well that went well, come let us go”.

“Oh yeah that went real well, good job you showed him”.

“You think so?” he fixed his uniform straightening it out “Spaciba Comrade for the compliment”. Soviette rolled her eyes and they both walked off in the opposite direction.

Khrushchev barged through Commissar Saviour’s door slamming them against the walls, a loud thud sounded as wood met wall. Saviour was facing the window and put her head down.

“Comrade Chug I told you to please knock…” she turned and saw Khrushchev standing looking some what angered.

“Khrushchev how good to see you, you are looking well. I see your wounds are healing nicely, I sent Soviette up with Bestial Boy to see you”.

“Yes I ran into them”.

“Good, so it is good to have you back, everyone will be so happy to see you awake, we were all very concerned…”

“Stop with the pleasantries, I demand to know what is going on here” Khrushchev’s tone became louder; Saviour raised her eyebrow wondering where this is leading.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean the new Commissars, when the hell did this happen”.

“First calm down, second it happened last week, I sent you a notice”

“Don’t tell me to calm down, this is an outrage, why am I not the new Commissar?”

“If you read the memo you will see you were considered” Saviour picked up the written memo showing it to Khrushchev.

“When was I to read it in my sleep? During my two week coma perhaps. Considering how long I have loyally served this group for, I will not be over looked, this position should be mine”.

“You were gone Comrade for some time, no one knew where you were, most people didn’t even know if you were alive or not, what choice did I have? We put who we felt was best suited for the position”.


“Da, for the CCCP”

“And the Green Guy?”

“Bestial Boy…”


“For the Red Brigade, Comrade I told you it was a difficult decision but …”

“So this was a pity vote, my name was on there just for the thought of being kind, like nominating some one for an Oscar just because they died? Stop feeding me that line of Bullshit, I don’t need it”.

“Comrade, you need to calm down, I see that you might need some more time with Soviette, perhaps you should do that and she can give you something to relax yourself, and we can discuss this when you are feeling better”.

“I will not calm down” bringing his fist down he smashed the Commissars desk causing it to crack at one end. Saviour had stepped back momentarily then looked at the edge seeing her now ruined furniture.

“Look what you did, that was solid cherry and very expensive how do you plan on paying for this destruction” Saviour herself was becoming further frustrated with this conversation and was also beginning to lose her cool.

“Pay for it, if I am going to pay for it why have it fixed, why not get you a whole new one”. Khrushchev once again reached up, this time using his whole arm he smashed the desk, splitting it down the middle, causing the desk to fold in two pieces, all the paper work fell down and sat in the now ‘V’ shaped desk. At that moment Commissar Blade walked in and witnessed the now wrecked office.

“What is going on in here?” Blade spoke loudly and she did not seem thrilled to see what had just transpired.

“Officer Khrushchev and I seem to be in a disagreement with how a group should be run, specifically the nominations of the new Commissars”. Saviour still seemed shaky over what had just gone on.

“My problem is with this group’s apparent lack of vision. I have had enough of this today, I have duties to catch up with, oh and feel free to charge me with a new desk”.

“We had others fill your duty while you were gone”. Blade remarked sternly.

“What? you had others, no one does my work but my own, those contacts were mine, I worked hard to establish a good rapport with them, I don’t need it tarnished by amateurs”.

“None of your contacts have been notified of what happened to you, they were just told you were on an important mission and that others would be filling in when needed.”

“Sure, well if you don’t mind I will get back to my duties”. Khrushchev again tried to walk away, Blade grabbed him by the arm, causing his eyes to grow red again.

“Do not look at me that way, you maybe able to tuff guy your way with others but I can assure you I am not a pushover. Now you need some more time alone to regain your composure then we will meet with Soviette and we will discuss what is troubling you”.

“So what am I some kind of psychological misfit, you think I need therapy, I don’t need anything of the sort”. Khrushchev pulled his arm from the grasp of Blade’s hands and continued on. His mental capacities were straining, he did not feel fully in control, but a sense of power and urgency filled his mind.

“You will stand down, as an Officer of this group you will follow my command, and you will…” Khrushchev stopped, reached up to the side of his shoulder on his armor and ripped of the officer logo.

“Here take the Officer rank you can have it. It seems that it won’t matter any more, and all I can’t imagine there will be any change soon”. He through the insignia across the room and it landed near the feet of Red Saviour, she looked down in shock, and was lost for words.

“Fine you leave me with no choice as a non ranking officers you do not enjoy the luxuries, amenities and benefits that come with being an officer, you will now spend sometime in…”

Khrushchev again stopped, paused briefly, Blade and Saviour looked on thinking what was just said may have finally sunk in and that he would follow directions. Reaching to his other shoulder he grabbed for his CCCP band, and ripped it off his uniform, he looked at it briefly in his hand, he became sad as memories flashed through his mind. He reached over and placed his badge on a table near the door.

“Here, you can take this too” Khrushchev walked out of the door picked up his case and left.

To be continued…