Part 16

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Friday, February 25, 2005)

Khrushchev made his way back to his room to gather what remaining stuff he had. It was time for him to put a closure on this part of his life and in his current state of mind that time was sooner than later. He walked back with a focused anger not stopping to talk to anyone although he was greeted several times he brushed them off as they were not even there. As he approached his quarters he could see light coming from his door and that it was slightly opened.

“Figures gone two minutes and already someone is checking out my room”. Walking in slowly he drew his gun, a light was on in his bathroom, clanking noises from what sounded like metal hitting metal, shadows moved under the crack of the door.

“Don’t move or you’re dead” now pointing the gun directly at the person sitting on his bathroom floor, the man turned towards Khrushchev.

“Well if I don’t move I won’t be able to fix your sink here” John replied. John was the maintenance guy assigned to the building, he maintained almost everything and was timely and efficient.

“How did you get in?” Khrushchev questioned as he put his gun away leaning it upright against the wall.

“Skeleton key, opens any door, I knocked first, when I didn’t hear anything I just assumed you were out”. John stood up grabbing a rag to wipe his hands, he turned towards the sink turning the faucet on, and water poured out filling the basin.

“Good as new” he smiled as he began to pack his stuff.

“Thanks I guess” Khrushchev walked out of the room and sat on his bed.

John grabbed his tool case and walked over, placing it on the ground, grabbing a chair he at next to him, “that doesn’t sound to good, what could be that bad?”

“Well I am just having a difficult time adjusting, I keep getting these images pictures in my brain”.

“Yes go on”.

“Voices talking to me but there incoherent, sporadic, I think there trying to…” Khrushchev paused momentarily, looking at John “what the hell am I telling you for, what do you fix sinks and are a psychologist?”

“Yeah I do windows too” John remarked as Khrushchev got up and paced around the room. “My wife says I am a good listener, it’s probably that she never shuts up is more it then listening”.

“He knows to much take care of it now…” a whisper in his head, Khrushchev rubbed his ear “take your path…”

“Stop!” Khrushchev yelled clinching the sides of his head.

“Stop what? I didn’t say anything”, John replied as he tried to see what was going on trying to get a glimpse of his eyes. A vision came into Khrushchev’s head, vision of pain and suffering, not his own but of everyone else. He finally understood his mission, what he was meant for, destruction, death, he was not a man but a machine twisted and evil.

“Now do it now…take him, finish the job” the whispers grew louder in his head, Khrushchev nodded in agreement. Reaching into his top dresser drawer was like reaching into an arsenal grabbing a long hunter’s knife by the blade he quickly turned towards John and in one felt swoop the knife left his hand and embedded itself into the head of John. He toppled over from the chair onto the floor, blood puddle by his head, eyes still open in a stare, his mouth also open as if he were in mid sentence. Khrushchev started grabbing what ever he could, two hands guns at his sides, he walked over and pulled the knife out of Johns head, wiping the blood off on his pants and belted in onto his leg. He began loading his gun, his job now was clear, his fate had been determined, the end the extinction of everyone in this building the whole CCCP.

He knew his main targets were the Commissars, especially Blade and Saviour his recent encounter with them had left a bad taste in his mouth, but anyone else in his way would suffer the same fate. One by one members dropped in his path, their resistance while admirable meant nothing to him, and their attempts only brought them death.

“Saviour….” Khrushchev walked into her office, Saviour was still cleaning the papers that had fallen and blanketed the floor.

“You made your choice Khrushchev, leave that’s what you want to do, no one is going to top you”. While she spoke she did not even acknowledge he was there, she had enough of his tirades and felt best to not even give him the satisfaction of letting him get to her.

“Look at me!” Khrushchev yelled spit shooting from his mouth, Saviour continued what she was doing.

“Just leave” she yelled back, “that’s what you want isn’t it? to be alone to be miserable”.

“Now!” Khrushchev had become frustrated with the outcome of the conversation, he pointed his gun towards Saviour, the red laser site tracked along the floor resting not on her but close enough to where she could see it, to where she grasped the true situation. She turned slowly, her mouth dropped, tears formed in her eyes, as she saw Khrushchev standing there gun at the ready pointing directly at her. He was covered in blood, yet he showed no sign of injury. She glanced up at down his body head to toe, looking for the cause.

“The blood, it’s not mine, it’s actually not one persons but a collection of many…you won’t feel a thing”. Saviour closed her eyes as she knew her destiny ended here, the bullet passed through her quickly her life was over. Blade had just run in at the same time sword at hand and sliced into Khrushchev’s back causing him to go down on one knee.

“Your reign of terror ends here” Blade brought up her sword and came down full force, stopping inside the grasp of Khrushchev’s hand, her face went from determination to that of looking stunned. “Impossible”.

“Come now Commissar, I thought I knew you better than that, nothing is impossible, you can thank the Rikiti for that, the armor is nearly unbreakable” Khrushchev almost smirked as he saw Blade trying hard to pull her sword away from his grasp.

“You can thank the Crey for this” his fist began to glow, and he energy punched Blade causing her to drop her weapon and fall right near Saviour’s body.

“How fitting that it ends like this, two Commissars dead together….goodbye”. The smirk on his face left as a look of sheer angered replaced it, he gritted his teeth has he poured round after round into her now lifeless body.

“Nooooo!” Khrushchev quickly sat up screaming, the room was dark, machines sat all around him warning lights blinked bright red, Soviette ran into the room turning on some of the lights.

“I’m going to need some help in here quickly”. Bestial Boy, Hammer and Petrograd all ran in for assistance, Khrushchev began frantically swinging his arms knocking over a small table of medical instruments.

“Hold him down, I need to medicate him he is going into shock again” Soviette quickly began filling a needle with a powerful sedative to try and calm him down. Bestial Boy grabbed him by the arm to try and stop his flailing.

“Hurry I can’t hold him much longer” Bestial Boy shouted has he was now almost sitting on his arm. Petrograd and Hammer held him down at his legs.

“What is happening to me…?” Khrushchev tried to speak, a great fear came over his voice, he continued to struggle “get off of me, what are you doing to me?”

“It’s a sedative just try to calm down, your heart is becoming erratic.” Soviette was finally able to apply the medicine as the needle found the vain, he slowly began to calm down. Khrushchev struggled to grasp what was going on, how could these people be here how are they alive?”

Both of his hands fell to his sides, his breathing slowed down to a normal pace, he could feel him self getting tired. He reached to his shoulder and pulled his uniform, the Officers star was still there, and on his other the CCCP symbol still in tact. He watched as Bestial Boy released his arm and Petrograd and Hammer got off the bed, his eyes became heavy again and closed. The medication had worked he had once again gone back into a controlled sleep.

Saviour had entered the room and watched as they all stared at Khrushchev.

“Spaciba for your help comrades, I would not have been able to handle that myself”. Bestial Boy and Saviour stayed behind as Hammer and Petrograd left shutting the door behind them.

“What the hell was that all about?” Bestial Boy wiped his forehead removing the sweat.

“I am not sure but my closest guess is extreme night terrors”.

“Night terrors, that was more like night rage, I could barely hold him down and that was just his arm”.

“He is a very strong man Commissar” Soviette pointed to Khrushchev, who appeared to be two sizes too big for the bed he was on.

“I know that, but I am strong as well and something felt different like something was aiding his strength”.

“We know little of what happened to him, and until he can try and remember what happened there is little to go by”. Saviour looked on trying to be as reassuring as possible. “Does the medication help at all?”

“Only to get him rest, other than that it does little else”. Soviette sighed, placing her hand to her head. Saviour put her hand on Soviette’s shoulder trying to make her feel better.

“You have done more than anyone else could have done, you can’t get let it get to you”.

“It’s not that there’s more much more, his brain patterns are erratic and unstable they are like I have never seen patterns within patterns, thoughts with in thoughts. I found technology embedded that no one has ever seen I can’t even scratch the surface of its capability”.

“Well that could be a good thing can’t it, I mean un-limitless power, knowledge just waiting to be set free” Bestial Boy tried pointing out positives in what seemed now plagued situation.

Soviette sighed again, a tear formed at the corner of her eye, rolling down her cheek, “In his current state his brain will not be able to store the energy and will stop sending life functions”.

“Brain dead you mean?” Bestial Boy gulped and spoke quietly. Soviette could only nod.

“There is nothing you can do?” Saviour inquired, again Soviette nodded.

“I can turn his functions fully over to the Processing Unit that resides in his brain”.

“Well that’s good right, think of how smart he will be?” Bestial Boy tried to smile and cheer up the room.

“It will not be fine he won’t remember any of us, or anything, he will cease being Khrushchev the person we have all come to know and simply be a machine!” Soviette through down her chart and pen, tears formed in her eyes, “I have failed” she began to walk away Bestial Boy grabbed her hand.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” she pulled away and left.

“Just let her be, she needs sometime alone” Saviour held Bestial back from following Soviette, the two left, Saviour turned to look at Khrushchev, she shut off the lights and closed the door.

To be continued…