Part 17

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Monday, February 28, 2005)

Days had past and Khrushchev’s condition had gradually deteriorated, still showing no signs of improvement the time for choices was drawing near. Soviette had spent countless hours in the lab, running test after test on a simulator trying desperately to find an alternative answer to what seemed to be an unsolvable question. How to save Khrushchev’s mind from its own destruction. The little sleep she had gotten was not nearly enough, concentrating had become difficult and the smallest of things set her off.

“Patient terminated”

“Damn you!” Soviette yelled while smashing down on her keyboard, another simulation had failed. Leaning back in her chair she rubbed her eyes, starring at the screen for such a long time had put unneeded stress on her vision. She starred at the clock on the wall watching it turn, “two o’clock, no progress” she spoke out loud as she jotted various findings into her notepad. She turned in her chair looking across the room at Khrushchev, still laying in his bed and had been over thirty six hours and counting since he had last been awake, the time between being awake was growing and Soviette knew this all to well.

People’s Blade walked into the room, “burning the candle at both ends I see” she remarked watching Soviette trying to clean up her desk.

“The same could be said of you I suppose” Soviette smiled as she tried to get some ink from her pen off the side of her hand.

“Here use this” Blade handed her a Hello Kitty handiwipe, Soviette smiled as she thanked Blade for the gesture. Just the thing she needed as she removed the black ink from her hand.

“How is he?” Blade remarked as she walked towards his bed side trying to make heads or tails out of flashing lights, number indicators and reports coming out from the printer nearby.

Picking up the latest printout, she scanned the readings. “The brain activity is decreasing a little each day at this rate if something is not done, we will be forced to make the change or turn off his life support and well you know what happens then”. She sighed again shaking her head in her hands.

“How long do you think we have” Blade asked trying to hold back any emotion.

“It’s hard to say for sure but at this rate maybe two weeks tops. Look I need to get back to work I don’t have anytime to break, I’m sorry to cut this short it’s just…”

“I understand but you need some rest, you’re not going to get any farther unless you get a way from it for a bit”.

“Figures gone two minutes and already someone is checking out my room”. Walking in slowly he drew his gun, a light was on in his bathroom, clanking noises from what sounded like metal hitting metal, shadows moved under the crack of the door.

“Don’t move or you’re dead” now pointing the gun directly at the person sitting on his bathroom floor, the man turned towards Khrushchev.

“Well if I don’t move I won’t be able to fix your sink here” John replied. John was the maintenance guy assigned to the building, he maintained almost everything and was timely and efficient.

“How did you get in?” Khrushchev questioned as he put his gun away leaning it upright against the wall.

“Skeleton key, opens any door, I knocked first, when I didn’t hear anything I just assumed you were out”. John stood up grabbing a rag to wipe his hands, he turned towards the sink turning the faucet on, and water poured out filling the basin.

“Good as new” he smiled as he began to pack his stuff.

“Thanks I guess” Khrushchev walked out of the room and sat on his bed.

John grabbed his tool case and walked over, placing it on the ground, grabbing a chair he at next to him, “that doesn’t sound too good, what could be that bad?”

“Well I am just having a difficult time adjusting, I keep getting these images pictures in my brain”.

“Yes go on”.

“Voices talking to me but there incoherent, sporadic, I think there trying to…” Khrushchev paused momentarily, looking at John “what the hell am I telling you for, what do you fix sinks and are a psychologist?”

“Yeah I do windows too” John remarked as Khrushchev got up and paced around the room. “My wife says I am a good listener, it’s probably that she never shuts up is more it then listening”.

“He knows to much take care of it now…” a whisper in his head, Khrushchev rubbed his ear “take your path…”

“Stop!” Khrushchev yelled clinching the sides of his head.

“Stop what? I didn’t say anything”, John replied as he tried to see what was going on trying to get a glimpse of his eyes. A vision came into Khrushchev’s head, vision of pain and suffering, not his own but of everyone else. He finally understood his mission, what he was meant for, destruction, death, he was not a man but a machine twisted and evil.

“Now do it now…take him, finish the job” the whispers grew louder in his head, Khrushchev nodded in agreement. Reaching into his top dresser drawer was like reaching into an arsenal grabbing a long hunter’s knife by the blade. He stopped for a moment and just sat there, this seemed all too familiar to him. “I have done this before I know I have I remember grabbing a hold of this knife, but why, what am I supposed to do?” Khrushchev continued to think in his head, a horrible case of déjà vu was with his every move his every thought.

“Well listen I have to go now, other things to fix been good talking to you…I guess”. John got up to leave grabbing his tool bag he left Khrushchev’s room. Quickly Khrushchev turned firing the knife, but with John not there it just sailed through the air lodging itself into the headboard of his bed.

Khrushchev started grabbing what ever he could, two hands guns at his sides, he walked over and pulled the knife out the head board, a two inch gash remained as a piece of the broken bed fell on the pillow. He began loading his gun, his job now was clear, his fate had been determined, the end the extinction of everyone in this building the whole CCCP.

He knew his main targets were the Commissars, especially Blade and Saviour his recent encounter with them had left a bad taste in his mouth, but anyone else in his way would suffer the same fate. One by one members dropped in his path, their resistance while admirable meant nothing to him, and their attempts only brought them death.

“Saviour….” Khrushchev walked into her office, Saviour no longer on the floor picking up the papers, but do to the extra time added from earlier she was now standing behind her desk facing the door.

“You made your choice Khrushchev, leave that’s what you want to do, no one is going to stop you”. Saviour spoke sternly, she had enough of his tirades and felt best to not even give him the satisfaction of letting him get to her. “Just leave” she yelled, “that’s what you want isn’t it? To be alone to be miserable”.

“No! I don’t want to be miserable I want…I want what’s mine”. Khrushchev brought up his gun aiming at Saviour, but quick to react she released an energy blast knocking him backwards causing him to drop his weapon. She crossed the room towards him, kicking the gun away she knelt down next to him, placing her hands over his chest, her fists began to glow.

“Clear”, she plunged into his chest causing his body to rise upwards. He began to look at her differently as her face began to vanish as everything began to go dark.

“Clear” he could here again but the voice trailed out. Soviette was in the room with Agn Stratonik and Gato, “Anything?” Agn remarked as he held the paddles just over Khrushchev’s chest.

“Nothing…again!” Soviette ordered as she watched the instrument panel looking and hoping for any signs of a response, one minute had passed since Khrushchev and stopped functioning once again.

“Clear” Agn said again has he pressed the paddles down against his chest, causing Khrushchev to almost bounce upwards. The screen showed a pulse and Khrushchev’s heart began working again.

“Alright we can stop…”

“Is he going to be ok?” Gato looked at Soviette startled.

“We just brought him back from the dead, that doesn’t seem good to me”, Agn thought the situation was pretty apparent.

“I understand that, but his situation changes daily, even hourly, I don’t know what to do we may just have to do the change…” Soviette tried to stop mid-sentence as to not reveal what may happen.

“What change?” Gato inquired.

“Look I am not supposed to talk about…” Saviour interrupted Soviette as she walked into the room.

“Comrades I thank you for helping with Comrade Khrushchev but let us go and give Khrushchev some time to recover and lets leave Soviette to her task at hand”. Saviour walked out with Agn and Gato looking back at Soviette as if she had said too much.

To be continued…