Task Force Speed

(posted Monday, June 28, 2004)

Comrades, commendations go out to Comrades 5 Year Plan, Petrograd and Red Spectre. These three soldiers for the collective cause shone as bright red stars during mission to save electric of Steel Canyon from nefarious Clockwork King. All kept their head during battle, even when ambushed by giant robot Babbage. This fearsome robot was actually running from glorious CCCP membership! Could not have been a more glorious battle. Not only did Babbage run, but also Clockwork King (with amusing jar with brain for head) ran from onslaught of myself, Petrograd and Comrade Zhech while Red Spectre and 5 Year Plan gave excellent support and secondary attacks.

Main group participating in Task Force was: Mojiotok, 5 Year Plan, Petrograd, Red Spectre and Zhech. Comrade ICBM had to leave unexpectedly early in mission. All performed their duties well...except for one.

Comrade Zhech will report to Central Committee for excoriation. The actions of Comrade Zhech during mission where not of spirit of CCCP. Lone Wolf tactics and failing to listen or respond to team leader are not acceptable behaviour. Deprogramming is required. I believe you have let the Amerikaniski attitude take hold of you comrade, we do not fight for ourselves but for the glory of the Proletariat. Please keep this in mind as Comrade Pravda rearranges your personality.