Intercepted transmission...

From the Story Arc: WCO Report: Operation Black Lotus

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(posted Wednesday, March 02, 2005)

General Alexander Rokossovsky rubbed his temples and poured himself another drink of vodka. He scowled at the report in his hands.

"Chinese Ministry of State Security:
Classification: Top Secret [STOP]
Dispatch Message: 2230FGR [STOP]

Intellegence Report for People's Blade [STOP]
Report Synopsis: [STOP]
Intercepted communication from unknown organization in Republic of Sakha. [STOP]
Decrypted Transcript as follows:
"Subject C captured and detained. Awaiting orders from Division 1. Request from local Division 4 chief to discontinue use of Subject C for Operation Black Lotus and begin Operation Thunderclap." [STOP]

Chinese Ministry of State Security unable to ascertain Russian organization responsible for message. Highly unlikely KGB or GRU responsible party. Request People's Blade confer with Russian liaisons of CCCP to determine likely identity of Subject C. Please forward any information. Efforts underway to find source of communication, but current attempts have not been successful. [STOP]"

"Please.", he sighed placing the intelligence report on his desk, "Explain to me again how our transmission was intercepted by Chinese Intelligence?"

"My apologies, General." A young man stood in a grey uniform stood before Rokossovsky with his shoulders squared. "I fear that Division 2's efforts to ascertain the intelligence capabilities of China have been under estimated. Rapid progress in their espionage research has been bolstered in the past few months. By utilizing technology brought in from private industry sources coming from the United States, they have made rapid advancements. We simply underestimated how effective their progress would be. We have implemented alpha level encryption on all transmissions once this was intercepted."

The general snorted and gave a piercing look. "Captain, you actually believe that tripe? We are responsible for the current state of China's surveillance abilities not overzealous capitalists. You actually think they just managed to stumble across our secure transmissions?"

"But," stammered the young man, "that... that would mean we had our communications forwarded."

"Or," interjected Rokossovsky, "Our security encryption protocols were disabled to allow monitoring."

"Either way," the captain shook his head slowly, "That would mean someone from inside our organization wanted to get this information out."

"I see your current duties are very fitting for someone possessing your intellectual perception, Captain. I think you best keep to monitoring our paperwork." The young officer's eyes shifted down with some dejection. He then saluted sharply, quickly spun around and walked towards the door.

"One more thing, Captain." Rokossovsky leaned back in his large leather chair and stared intently at the reports before him, "Any word on activity from CCCP?"

The officer turned around and stood stiffly at attention. "None yet, sir."

"I expect we will not hear from them for some time. I have reports here that CCCP leadership and organization is in disarray." Rokossovsky gave a smirk, "I think our efforts from Division 3 have been fairly successful in throwing off our scent for now. You are dismissed."

The young man shifted, and left somewhat deflated, quietly closing it behind him.

Rokossovsky took a long sip of vodka. "I think I know how our little capture got out." His grizzled face gave a dark sneer as he looked at the photos before him of a small, lumpy figure sitting in the corner of a dark room. "Major Pikal, you are wasting your time. The idea of Black Lotus is a waste on this thing. Now... we shall see about Operation Thunderclap."