The Base


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(posted Thursday, March 03, 2005)

The Bullets and the energy beams where flying back and forth. The air was thick with the sounds of battle 30 mins ago the Gray-Ghost with a small team of heroes Kirby Strong, Vector-Prime, Keystone, and The CCCP's very own Red-Star had entered into one of the many hidden bases that the council had in Paragon City. Once the cities Heroes had shut one down 3 more would spring up.

The team had slipped in very quietly and had gone about 20 mins without raising any alarms it was not till Kirby had gotten a little zealot taking out a patrol of council troopers that the shit had hit the fan. Kirby had chased the one running council member back into what was the barracks for the base with almost 50 council troops in there just relaxing. It had taken every thing that Keystone and Red-Star had to keep the troopers at bay when Ghost, Vector, and Kirby had retreated. On the frantic retreat Ghost found what he was looking for the Bases Main frame computer. By the time Vector had hacked into the systems the bases entire collection of mecha, troopers and war wolves had fallen on the heroes.

Red-Star as he breaks the neck of another war wolf. "COMRADE, GHOST BE HURRYING I AND KEYSTONE CAN NOT KEEP THIS PACE UP MUCH LONGER!!!!" Another war wolf jumps close to Red-Star as he uses his haymaker under the creature's jay sending it flying backwards.


Keystone as he uses his rock mallet to smash the head of an in coming mecha. "EASY FO YOU TO SAY GHOST YOUR IN THERE GETTING DATA WHEN THE REST OF US ARE FIGHTING!!!!" As Keystone turns around he is sent flying backwards by the blast of a mecha. The mecha is then destroyed by the incoming firepower of Vector-Prime

Vector-Prime "Take your time friend Ghost we have them covered"

Kirby Strong "Easy for you to say Garbage Can your more powerful than most of us!!!!"

Ghost "Bingo got it!!!"

Vector-Prime "You have the data you seek my friend."

Kirby Strong "That is want Bingo means Garbage can!!!

Ghost "Cool it you two. Yes I have the Data Vector!! Can you and Red-Star hold them off for a few more mins till the rest of us get out of here"

As a small squad of Council troopers come running up the cave Vector let’s loose with a Nova Blast. The bodies of the council troopers go flying en every direction. "Yes My Friend My power Cells Will hold out a little longer. GO!!!!!"

Red-Star "Da Comrade I will do what I can!!!!"

As Keystone, Kirby, and Ghost are running out of the data room back to the entrance Kirby looks at his friend
"How did you find out about this base Ghost?"

Ghost "Vector- Prime. He found out information about this base from fighting with the council on Staga Island. Glad he did to looks like I as right the Czarist has made peace between the 5th and the council. He has given them blue prints from a file Crey industries had stolen that belonged to Red-Gears."

Kirby " What was it that would cause them to kill him off so fast Gears was a small time hero?"

Ghost "Crey did fear Gears, and the team he was part of. The CCCP. Red-Gears had been teaching at the university about advanced technology courses. In one of his classes he spoke about kronatons, and how if some one was able to create device they could destroy them that time would stop in that area all together."

Kirby "What are Kronatons?"

Ghost "It is an the element that Drives time"

Kirby "Alright you have just entered into the world of Sci-fi.... Wahoo Hey Ghost time to snap back to reality my friend."

Ghost "I wish it was a Sci-fi Kirby. You see Red-Gears had worked for Crey for almost 5 years he was one of their top researchers. In that time he came up the Idea of a device that would stop kronatons in a test subject or in an enclosed field. Such a device could save the life a badly wounded military personal or even a terminal ill patient till a cure can be found. Red-Gears had come up with the blue prints and the design. Once he had joined in with the CCCP he figured that he could build such an item and put into good use. When he went into his personal Data he had on his systems at his personal lab he had found out that Crey industries had hacked into his system and taken the plans. He discovered this a few days before his mission to take out Frost Fire. He was going to report this matter to Red Savior. "

Kirby "Still does not explain why the Czarist would want him dead."

Ghost "'That is easy The Czarist is having an affair with the Countess. If he can get in her good graces think about it he would have excess to an organization that is 10 times the size of his operations in Europe. Seeing that the CCCP has banged heads with Crey what a better way to take them out. If the Czarist and the Countess teamed up there would be no way to stop him or her."

Kirby "So what is stopping them now, seem all of this is work your doing is for nothing?"

Ghost "Well I am still working on that angle now."

Kirby " So why would a alien like Vector-Prime be helping you out?"

Ghost "Vector has an invested interest, some of the items that both the Lost, the Council, and the Sky Raiders use are based on Rikti technology. This Kronation device that Gears came up with is very close to a design that Vector's people had come up with some 500 years ago. He said that could be turned into a weapon unlike anything we have ever seen. A Kronaton Detonator a device that in theory could destroy time in an area. Everything in that area would be forever stuck in a state of complete suspended animation. "

Kirby "Here is no way any one of the villain groups in the City would have the technology to do that."

Ghost "Your right not just one but three The Rikti, The Council, and Crey industries. I figured that is the real reason that Red-Gears was killed. He knew that his design could be turned into a weapon like that. With him out of the way there would be not a lot of folks who could have figured it out. The Data I got is where the components are being made now."

Kirby "There is no one Super group in the city that powerful enough or strong enough to hit that many locations."

Ghost "Your right, but the alliance the CCCP has formed is. That is the reason we need to get out of here."

As the heroes finish there conversation they reach the entrance of the Council base. Ghost calls to Vector and Red-Star.

"Gentlemen we are at the entrance prepare for teleportation."

Vector-Prime "Hurry Ghost Red-Star has been injured badly I have him and coming up behind you.

Gray Ghost pulls of his teleportation powers to the test it has been years since he has teleported multiple people. The air comes alive with Power. Ghost begins pulling form reserves he had forgotten that he had. With the sudden reemergence of his powers Ghost has had to relearn allot of the things he took forgotten so many years ago. The air shimmers as Vector is standing there with Red-Star in his arms bleeding badly.

Ghost "What happened Vector?"

Vector-Prime " We where rushed, we held them as long as we could, but I was in full tactical retreat when you pulled us out of there. There is no a lot of time Ghost they have unleashed a secret stash of Mecha Red-Star and I where overwhelmed"

Ghost "Alright lets get out of here." Ghost can here the thumping of boots and metal running up the tunnel.

Kirby "Nasty little goose stepping bastereds. I got something that will fix them everyone out now!!!!"

As the team rushes outside Kirby stays behind 20 seconds later Kirby comes out Screaming "HIT THE DECK"
The heroes get away and down as fast as they can. The team hears a thump and an explosion. The blast is so powerful that it collapses the opening of the Council base and tumbles over some of the near by trees. The resulting dust cloud can bee seen for almost a mile away. Ghost looks at Kirby "What they hell was that?"

Kirby just smiles and lights his Cigar "Plasma/Thermal Grenade"

Ghost "Your nuts you know that right."

Kirby "Yup"