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(posted Thursday, March 03, 2005)


Outside of Atlas Park Medical Center Vector-Prime is carrying a badly hurt Red-Star. A 90-year-old man goes walking in to the front desk. "There is a Badly hurt hero out here he needs medical attention badly.” The Staff look and one another and spring into action. Before they can reach the outside doors Vector-Prime has carried Red-Star in door. Vector-Prime lays the young hero on the gurney has he is wasked away to the Regeneration chambers. The Doctor at the desk looks at the old man and Vector-Prime “ What happen to him he should have teleported back to the hospital if his life signs dropped to low.”

Vector-Prime responds “His unit was damaged I had to bring him here.”

The Doctor “Must have been one hell of a fight those units are almost indestructible. Any way I am sure he will be all right in a little bit. We will keep him overnight for observation. Are any of you next of kin or a team mate of his?”

The Old man Speaks up “He is a friend of mine will you call me when he is better. My name is on this card.”

The Doctor looks at the card it reads “Bartholomew Grey investigations.” “So the young man and the Bot here are heroes you work with?”

The Old Man “Yes they are.”

The Doctor “Well not to worry Mr. Grey, Your young friend will be find the regeneration chambers will have him up and about in a few hours. By the way sir I Say he was part of the CCCP should we let them know of him being here?”

The Old Man “ No I don’t think my friend would like that he was moonlighting this mission for me as a favor.”

The Doctor “Understood Sir we will keep it quiet. If you will excuse me I have rounds now.”

As the Doctor walks away Vector-Prime and Mr. Grey begin to walk outside.

Vector-Prime “So now what my friend?”

Mr. Grey “Now we get this information to The CCCP and her allies before it is to late. If they do not move on this soon there may not be a city to save.”