The Pain of the Soul Tormented

(posted Thursday, March 10, 2005)

Carpathia stood in the doorway of the locker room, having asked around and finding out that Zach was in the locker room. She'd heard he'd subjected himself to a particularly grueling work out. She watched him exit the showers and grinned to herself as she admired the way he moved. His clothes clung to his, obviously, wet skin and she could tell he'd dressed without drying off first.

Opening her mouth to say hello, she stopped suddenly, as he sat down, buried his face in his hands, and began to cry. Her brows furrowed deeply over her eyes as she stood watching him. Something was horribly wrong. She knew he'd be very embarassed that she'd seen him crying, so she turned quietly and walked back out.

She looked around, seeing Petrograd, and stopped him.

"Comrade, please to be keeping an eye on Zach for me when you are to be going on missions with him? He has much weight on his shoulders."

She walked off before he could answer, but stood watching her walk away and heading out of headquarters.

As soon as she got home, she made a VERY long distance call.


"Da! Is good to be hearing your voice." A sudden pause. "What is wrong, mein Engel?"

"Something is being wrong with Zach. I am finding him weeping in locker room alone. What am I to be doing?"

"Nothing, engel. You are to be letting him come to you with problem when he is ready. If you push, he will being withdrawing. Just be letting him knowing you are there for him, da?"

"Danka, Mutter. How is papa doing?"

Her mother laughed harshly, "How are you thinking he is doing? He is being stubborn as usual. He is not obeying doctor orders. He is being most difficult, but ech... what am I to do?" Laughing, Car could almost see her mother's struggle with her father.

"Tell Papa I will come and make him obey if he does not obey and get better."

"Da, I will tell him. Are you being okay? Is all good, da?"

"Da, mutter, da. I worry."

"You love him, da?"

"Da, I do."

"Then be there for him. Stand by him. Support him. Is all you can be doing."

"Da, mutter. Danka. I will be calling later."

Hanging up, she called and left a message on Zach's voice mail for him to come to dinner. She ordered his favorite type of pizza with extra cheese and hot wings and bread sticks. Cooking, they'd both learned, was NOT her forte'. She went and rented a couple of movies they both had said they'd wanted to see. Stopping off at the market on the way home, she bought soda, beer, ice cream, a bag of tortilla chips and salsa and cheese dip. She bought paper plates so she wouldn't have to wash dishes and a roll of good paper towels and a bottle of good ranch dressing for the wings. She carried it all upstairs and waited for him to arrive.

"And he better be being on time" she muttered as she walked into the kitchen to put her groceries away.