Meet Garbriel

From the Story Arc: Arch Angel X

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(posted Monday, March 21, 2005)

“Gabriel guests will be here soon, I hope you’re dressed”, my mom shouted up the stairs as I sat in my room playing video games, still lounging around in my underwear. That meant nothing to me “yeah in a minute…” my voice trailed off as I continued my life long dedication to the video game gods. “I said now mister” she had made it up to my room and stood right by my side. “I will be done in just a minute” as I continued to mash the buttons frantically. “Now” she spoke sternly as she reached down and powered off my X-Box. A stunned look came over my face as I saw what all my progress gone was to me. “Mom I didn’t save it and now I have to do it all over”. “You’ll have plenty of time to blast aliens later now its time to get dressed”, she handed me my clothes and began walking out of the room. “Their not aliens their demons of the nether world” I smartly responded as I began putting on my shorts. “That’s nice dear, look just put your dirty clothes in the hamper and make it quick”.

A neighborhood cookout, with all the fixings, hot dogs hamburgers, salads of every type a bevy of food and drinks. Games and prizes were set up, music playing over a loud stereo, and later would be fire works, all in all a classic mid summer barbeque. Unfortunately July weather brought heat, and with the heat came the thunderstorms, luckily our house was large enough and we moved the party indoors. That’s when it started to change, a few coughs here and there, followed by two kids acquiring stomach pains. All put aside regarded as over eating with a lot of activity and oppressive heat. This was the first time I remember anything happening.

As the day went on it got worst and it all seemed to be happening around me. People felt uneasy and were overly cautious in my presence. All the happiness was bled from the room, that’s what I would hear them whispering and muttering to each other as they avoided direct contact with me when ever they could. Others would leave my side gasping for breath as if they were life long asthma sufferers. Some would try to be polite and would ask to be excused. “I need to get some fresh air” they would say as they tried not to gag over a smell they could not identify and a scent I did not even notice. It was a given that the party be cut short due to extreme circumstances, I watched people run to their cars from the bay window of my home using anything they could as umbrellas. I never understood why this happened, I never thought I was anything other than a normal child. However the continual sight of people not standing to be near me was an emotional stress that was by far too strong for any young child’s psyche.

Summer break finally ended it seemed to go on forever not that any kid would ever complain about summer being to long but for me being alone made it seem like an eternity. Back to school it would not come easy, making friends was difficult and keeping the ones I had was even harder. Students complained to their parents of being scared and uneasy they would come home with bruises and disease, the parents complained to the school. “A bully that boy is” still others “A trouble maker” each with their own definition for what they thought I was. “I needed strict discipline” according to the principal as he spoke to my parents during conferences which were becoming far too prevalent. They assured him that I was a good kid and that the accusations were false and unsubstantiated. The school year continued as did the parents, now escalating to a legal assault on the school and the town. A threat of action against the Board of Education with a fleet of lawyers by their side.

Testimony from children who were injured by me, doctor’s reports and medical charts issued for mysterious rashes that had incurred from my touch. A pattern of illness found around my classroom desk, children with flu like symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea, skin sores on their chests and backs would burst and spread. The school and the town had no choice it was either chance loosing large financial support from a rather wealthy community or simply let a young boy go quietly. “In the schools best interest we feel Gabriel should be home schooled” the board spoke to my parents as I sat in the corner by myself and began to cry. My mother turned and walked back to comfort me “see what you have done, he is just a boy you can’t alienate him from society like this” tears rolled down my mothers face as she yelled at the board members, they could only sit and listen as deep down they knew their wallets meant more then their heart.

“We are truly sorry, but we feel it’s for the best, and the answer is final”. They began to pack their stuff and walk out leaving us alone in the back of the classroom, it was as if I had just been sentenced in court for a crime I did not commit. In the car my father drove us home as my mother fixed her now running make-up, she turned to see me hunched over and like all parents she told me “you are special and we love you”, I figured that’s what parents do, they love, care and nurture. “I don’t want to be special, I want to be like everyone else” I said as I slouched down in the back seat of our car, I didn’t want anyone to see me as we drove away from school. My mom told me that “not everyone is good in this world and that a lot of people will judge me and that most will never understand”. Her way of comforting me was not helping as the thought of never seeing my friends again made me sad.

They tried tutors but it never worked, not that I wasn’t a good student but they would never come back. We would try to call but most would not answer those who did would hang up immediately. My mother had to eventually quit her job to stay home with me, she bought book after book of every subject matter in an effort to teach me as much as I could possibly know. My educating grew by leaps and bounds as was further ahead of any child my age in every facet of educating, yet I still yearned for more. I needed a friend someone my age that I could bond with a companion of sorts. While my parents were liked by all in the community, I was not to be trusted by any of the parents and was deemed a social misfit by their cliques and groups. A pet was their answer, first fish, then a hamster, even a rabbit but none lasted more than a day, “just bad luck” my mother would say as she removed the dead animal from its cage or tank, I knew there was more but what?

“A dog…you want to get him a dog” I could hear my mom down in the kitchen speaking with my father, a smile came across my face for the first time in a long time. “Finally an animal that does not prejudge you” I thought to myself as I listened by the staircase. “Yeah a dog, it will do him good, the poor kid has no one he needs this” my father answered back. I was supposed to get the dog the next Friday as my father came back from work. To my sadness and to everyone neither of them came home that night, my mother made call after call and was interrupted by a late night knock on the door. Two police officers stood outside their cars lights flashing in the driveway, neighbors stood near peering into the doorway trying for a glimpse at what was happening. “Probably the boy…” one said, others nodded as well, that’s when I saw my mother drop to her knees in tears, sobbing out loud pounding her fist on the ground screaming “Why?”.

I was told he was hit by a truck driver who had fallen asleep and crossed through a red light, and that he felt nothing and would have died instantaneously. That was their way of trying to comfort my mother, all it did was make her worst and make me angrier. After the funeral we hardly spoke to each other, she rarely talked to anyone, she sat alone in the kitchen with a bottle and a glass and drank the days away. The bills would continue to pile up eventually forcing us to sell our home, and in her current state of being we were ripped off and the house was sold for far less its value. We moved to a small apartment across town in what could only be classified as a questionable neighborhood.

I was placed in an institution for wayward boys, thugs and idiots was my term for it, but my mother could barely take care of her self let alone educate me, so I was sent here to Saint Sebastian’s school. I was to be schooled by Priests and Nuns in every subject including religion. Father Nelson became my closest friend teaching me everything about religion and about the angel who I was named after. During one session of school work we were interrupted by one of the nun’s sister Mary. She knocked on the door and looked at the priest with a disheveled look, “Father I must speak with you alone”, she spoke as she held a white hanky near her nose. “What is it Mary, why are you in tears?” she leaned in to whisper to the priest, his eyes opened and his mouth dropped “Dear God…you can go I will talk to the boy”. Sister Mary walked off backing out of the room all the while holding the rosary around her neck tightly in her hand.

He walked over quietly sat down putting his hand on my shoulder, “I don’t know how to tell you this”. I began to feel uneasy, I knew something bad was going to happen, “what is wrong with my mother?” Father Nelson looked astonished “how did he know” he thought to himself, stopping briefly to collect his thoughts. “My dear child your mother has gone…” he tried to speak calmly.

“Gone…Gone….Noooo!” I began to sob trying to breathe between my cries “how...did…she die?”

“She took her own life, pills and alcohol, I am sorry to have to tell you this, the police will be here soon to talk to you”.

“No, why God why?” I yelled through the tears that streamed down my face, “Why have you taken her?”

“God did not take her, she took her own life”.
“But she will be in heaven God is there to see her right?”

“I am sorry my child but suicide does not send you to heaven but rather to…” I stopped him before he could finish his sentence and grabbed his arm and began to squeeze it tightly, he started to wince in pain and a burning sound came from the singing of his flesh. My voice suddenly echoed and became deep and authoritative “Do not tell me she is going to hell after she served him all these many years”.

“I am sorry but that is how it works…please your hurting me”. He began to struggle and the more he did the harder and deeper the pain went. I stood up and grasped him by the collar, “there is no God father if he lets go of one of his flock”. “Please…let me go, you don’t want to do this, I am sorry the kingdom of heaven does not allow her in, it is the way of God. He loves us all and he loves you, please release me”.

“He loves me that is all you can say, when my mother took her own life from the utter pain of losing my father, from the drinking and drugs she became so addicted to these many years, where was God then?”

“It is free will, it is what separates us from everything else, and she chose her path…” he began trying to separate the hold I had on his throat, but I would not budge. “God protect me and save this boy he does not know what he does”.

“You hope to go to heaven don’t you father?”

“Yes of course…I am sorry that you mother…”

“Good then maybe when you see him you can say hi for me” I placed my hand over his chest just where his heart would be, he began to cringe and shake, a black darkness came from my hand, tentacles of smoke embedded into his chest causing him to seizure and die. He collapsed on the table from a heart attack or that’s how the coroner would view it as, a massive heart attack. “I must see my mother before she is cremated, one last talk with her is all I need. Black and purple balls of light formed around me, orbiting around my waste in random patterns. Howls of hell could be heard as they moved and carried me out the third story window, that’s when I disappeared.