Look to the Sky: Part One

From the Story Arc: Trench Warfare

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(posted Thursday, March 24, 2005)

It was a typical day at CCCP HQ. Even with such events as the disappearance of Chug, the death of Bestla and the lost memories of Khrushchev, we persevered and kept on. At times like this, it is good to have others around to help keep each other on our toes.

“SHAZBOT,” Zach screamed and landed his fist on the table, disrupting the chess board. “Khrush, this is the 11th time you’ve beaten me this morning. We’ve only been playing for an hour!” In his solemn, robotic tone, Khrushchev replied, “But your skills are improving, Zachary. It is progressively taking me longer to defeat you with each passing game.” “This last game took three minutes! I miss the old Khrush. I used to whip your butt so bad that you’d blow a whole in the chessboard and use the chess pieces as skeet.” “My old program is obsolete, Zachary. All that is left is me now.” Zach smiled warmly at Khrushchev. “Yeah, but you’re still Khrush, no matter what your programming is. Come on, kick my ass in another game.” “Very well then Zachary. By the way, what does this ‘Shazbot’ mean?”

Petrograd stood in the kitchen making pancakes and sausage as he grooved and pop locked to old school 80’s music. “Billy Jean is not being my lover…WOOOO!!!” “Why don’t you make with the pancakes a little faster, Commissar,” Gato Rojo poked playfully as she watched and laughed at Petrograd’s misguided dance steps. She sat at the kitchen table and looked through a Hello Kitty catalog that Fei Li made a point to force on all members of the CCCP and Red Brigade. “Oooo, this is nice,” she muttered as Worker’s Torch approached the table and sat, scratching the scruff out of his beard. “You are wanting pancakes, Dmitriy,” Petrograd kindly asked. “Please, Commissar. Spaciba.”

At this time, I was still lying in bed. I looked over at the clock. 10 o’clock in the morning…still early enough to stay in bed, but I decided to get out of bed anyway. I placed on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and made my way to the kitchen. Squinting, I came to the Medical Lab where a small line was formed outside waiting to go in. In the front of the line were Soviet Winter and Iron Soviet, who looked into the window of the door of the Med Lab. I walked up to them and said, “Good morning, comrades. What is it you are waiting for out here in the hall?” Soviet Winter gulped and replied, “Jadwiga…Officer Soviette…she wants to be giving us shots…” Iron Soviet placed his back to the wall behind him and said, “I would like to see her get through armour. I refuse to take off for shot!” I chuckled and replied, “Ah, is shot time of year, is it? Soviette is loving to be giving shots. Hmm, I believe is Pneumoccocal, Influenza, Typhoid, Tetanus, and Penicillin. Is not so bad.” “My arm can be taking shots. I am strong,” Soviet Winter said bravely, standing up a little more erect. I smiled and said, “Oh, first four shots go in arm, but Penicillin…it goes in back side.” Iron Soviet looked at me hard, his helmet not hiding his gaze that was apparent to me. “In…in butt, you are saying?” “Da…in gluteus maximus.” Soviet Winter pondered for a second, and then grumpily said, “Hey, why are you not in line? Everyone is to get shots!” I chuckled and smiled once more, then replied, “I am former Military, comrade. I was trained in medicine, so therefore I give myself shots.” They both said, “Even in ass?” “Da, even in ass.” I laughed and walked off, making my way to the kitchen once more. I heard the faint yelling of Soviette as her and Thanh Ha attempted to hold down Kremlin Gremlin to administer the shots. “Be holding still, Gremlin! It will only take second!” “Nyet! NYET!! Let go!! I will not be being violated like this! HELP!!! HELP!!!”

I soon walked past Red Saviour’s office, where I briefly looked in to see her and People’s Blade sitting and talking. “Comrade Agn,” Red Saviour said, her voice trailing behind me as I walked and stopped at the sound of it. I walked back to her office and stood in her doorway at attention. “Da, Commissar. Am reporting as ordered.” Red Saviour and Fei Li chuckled at my disposition. Fei Li smiled to me and said, “My dear Agn…will we ever break you of your military bearing?” “Bu Shi, General” I replied.

^ We rarely ever speak in Chinese to each other, isn’t that right Agn? ^
^ That is correct, General. Then again, what conversations could we possibly have in Chinese? You are a busy woman. ^
^ That may be so, but war and military tactics are something of both our interests, are they not? I would so love to pick your brain from time to time to see if you truly are a military man and not just a boy that likes to dress up in a uniform and play soldier.
^ I would enjoy that, General. ^

Tapping her fingers on her desk, Red Saviour cleared her throat to let us know that she was perturbed. “You both speak in language I do not understand. How do I know you are not speaking about me?” I chuckled and replied, “You don’t, Commissar.” She smiled to me. “I just wanted to thank you for work you did with putting in new floor. Is very nice. Spasiba.” “Dobro pozhalovat', Commissar. It was pleasure.” “ I did, however, hear that you were stuck in here for 4 hours waiting for floor to dry…” “Uh,” was all I could get out as I scratched the back of my neck. “Da that is correct, Commissar.” She burst into laughter, grabbing Fei Li’s hand as she, too, joined in. “You are quite unique character, Agn. You may continue on your business.” “Spasibo,” I sharply said as I briskly came to the position of attention and raised my hand to salute. Remembering how much Red Saviour hated me saluting her, I quickly recovered by running my hands through my hair as I brought my hand up and turned and walked off back towards the kitchen.

When I finally made it to the kitchen, I looked around to see who was amidst. Carpathia lay on the sofa, watching an episode of Sesame street. “Ah, comrade Agn,” she said with a smile. “I have question for you: Doesn’t the Count on Sesame Street remind you of Russian Pimp?” I laughed and nodded. “See! I told you Zach,” she yelled back to Zach who was now suffering his 19th defeat at the hands of Khrushchev. “Sweet holy hell! Make sure you use lube next time, Khrush!” “Khrushchev looked himself up and down, scanning his limbs. “I am properly lubricated, thank you.” Zach banged his head on the chessboard, knocking off all the pieces and just held his head there. Khrushchev jumped up and began yelling, “Doctor Soviette, Doctor Soviette! Zachary is in need of medical attention!” He ran toward the Med Lab, nearly knocking me over in the process.

I laughed as I sat at the table, being greeted by a plate of pancakes that Petrograd had just placed in front of me. I reached for the syrup and drenched the fluffy cakes. I picked up a fork, cut into the thick layer of gooey goodness and raised it to my mouth. Suddenly, an explosion outside rocked the entire HQ. “Kon govno,” I shouted, as I usually do in situations like this, as I was forced out of my chair and onto the ground from the blast. I jumped up and ran outside.

I looked around not seeing anyone in sight. “Show yourself,” I screamed. “Bonjour, monsieur! Je suis ici pour vos vies,” a voice cried out from the sky. “Vous êtes Français,” I shouted, questioning him in near disbelief. “Oui! Et toi?.” “Non, je suis Russe!”

{ Then you speak French well for a Communist bastard. } This Frenchman now hovered in the sky, directly in my view. He had long hair and glowing eyes and wore the colours of purple and black, with his hands and feet wrapped like a ninja. { Why have you come here? What is it that you are seeking? } { Are you deaf, Russian? I come for the lives of the CCCP. So it would behoove you to merely not put up a struggle and die! } With his words, he formed a ball of energy and blasted it in my direction.

I smiled and spread my legs apart, leaning myself forward as I charged up my energy, forming a green aura around myself. When the aura surrounded my entire body, I faced the energy ball as it approached me and extended my right arm to it with an open palm. The energy ball came straight toward me, but using my powers, I managed to dismiss the ball, draining it directly into my hand. Bringing my hand to my side, I looked up at the Frenchman and smiled. { Is that it? Is that the best you have to offer me? } He laughed manically. { This is merely the beginning, Russian. There is one attack that no one can dodge and I’d like to introduce you to it now. } He brought his hands to his sides and buckled his knees as if he were doing bicep curls. A huge wave of energy formed around him and began to swarm around like a bubble full of bees. He looked to me, grinning with the fires of destruction in his eyes and said, { Nova… }

{ Oh shit…. }