Part 3

From the Story Arc: Stranger in the Dark

Previous Story in the Arc: Part 2 by Khrushchev (Tuesday, March 08, 2005)

(posted Monday, March 28, 2005)

“Here is the case file and documentation including photos and video of the subject in question”. He began flipping through the large stack of photos and typed reports, stopping on an enlarged picture of Khrushchev.

“This…this right here is what you want me to find?” he questioned as he stared at the picture while scratching the side of his head.

“Not find Monsieur Grant, we know where he is, or at least we believe to, we want you to bring him to us, intact”.

“How the hell do you think I am going to do that? Huh? Just waltz on up, hey excuse me kind 400 pound death machine you mind coming with me? Never mind that this is a damn superhero, in a Super Group, he is not the only one there”. He continued to become frustrated over the task at hand, what he was asking was near impossible. He picked up a magnifying glass and began to inspect the photo a bit closer. “Look right here, see that” pointing down to a small image now enlarged in the circled glass.

“Yes I see the Hammer and Sickle, the Russian symbol”.

“That is the CCCP!”

“Yes we know that”.

“You know that” he spoke softly at first then increasingly raised his voice “a bunch of vodka drinking russkies, whose members include this tin can and several other very conspicuous characters”. “Oh yeah” he remarked nodding his head frequently, “I saw one you know?”

“I imagine you would have with your studies on their culture, on their heroes”.

“That’s not what I mean” he began shaking the photos in his face. “The one that looks like a freaking rock, umm… his name it’s on the tip of my tongue”. He snapped his fingers and pointed at “Chug, that’s the one, I saw him having a conversation with a police drone once…it went on for 15 minutes”.

“I don’t understand your point”. His face went flat losing its expression if only for a short while.

“My point… my point is it’s a drone for crying out loud, and get this he only went to talk to it because he says and I quote “that he got into an argument with a tree”. He threw the papers down on the table, and mashed his hands on the side of his head pushing them through his hair. “I can’t do this, I don’t have any support, any weapons, nothing at my disposal to take him down”.

“Monsieur come now, we all know that not to be true” he paused briefly to see if what was just said had any effect on him what so ever. “The Rikiti are not the only alien presence on this planet”.

“Yes, there are the freaks”.

“No, they are technological blunders Crey experiments gone array”.

“Circle of Thorns?”

“Misguided souls trapped from entering St. Peters gate”.

“The Devouring Earth then…”

“A new pathogen for fauna that went a bit south. Now stop dodging the truth Monsieur Grant, or should I call you Home World? Yes that is it isn’t it, the name you have chosen for yourself during your stay on our planet”. He turned quickly to face the questions, his eyes began to glow white. “Ahh the Kheldian decides to show its colors”.

“How did you know?”

“We know everything, it is our duty to know everything, especially when that things origin does not emanate from this planets atmosphere. And even more so when this alien has become too adapted to its human form and has taken on human traits and human weakness. For instance you’re gambling and drinking addiction, which has caused you to live in this dump”.

“Hey I can quit whenever I want, nothing is controlling me”. Pierre took another sip of his coffee, looking up from his cup.

“Right that’s what they all say. Listen you help us we help you”.

“Look I told you I can quit…” was interrupted partially through his sentence.

“I don’t mean with you apparent lack of self discipline but rather with your search”.

“You know that too?”

“The boy you seek is just discovering his abilities but does not yet know his origin or his purpose”.

“He is extremely dangerous, to everyone here, he is unstable and needs to be apprehended. Where is he?”

“A Peace Bringer that has lost his way I see?”

“No a Warshade by the name of Arch Angel X, born here in the body of a young boy named Gabriel, I am here to stop him”.

“In due time, remember you help us we help you…deal?”


To be continued…