Part 22

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Tuesday, March 29, 2005)

“Excellent work today with the Ring Mistress, she and her circus friends had been wrecking a lot of havoc lately and it’s good to finally put a stop to her reign of terror”. Khrushchev spoke to one of his many contacts he had acquired over his career as a super hero. “I have someone else who could use your assistance, he is over in Peregrine and has had a lot of portal disturbances that he needs help with, and I told him you would be perfect for the job”.

“I will contact him as soon as possible”

“Great…so what are you going to so now?”

“I will make contact with him like I said”.

“That’s not what I meant, I mean with the super group, the CCCP, I mean I see you’re still an officer there”.

“Yes that is correct, why would there be a change to my current rank?”

“Well they usually don’t have machines as ranking officers”


“Well I guess they feel that machines don’t have the human element required to lead, the caring understanding, compassion, the will, determination, support of fellow man and so forth. The traits which distinguish us from machines, the facets that give us life”.

“Those benefits that you claim, by machine standards are faults and not required for what I am meant to do or the duties I perform. It is far more beneficial for humans that I do not make mistakes that can come along with those human feelings you profess about”.

“Yeah well it’s just a heads up, from my experience people would rather have the mistakes as long as the rest of those ideals are there…again it’s just for you to know about so it doesn’t surprise you one day”.

“I will take that into advisement”. He left his contact and began the trip back to headquarters.

Khrushchev lumbered back into head quarters completing the last of his missions for the current time. While he showed no visible signs of damage there were several internal repairs and modifications that needed to be made. Short of making it to the elevator he walked by the lounge which he was stopped by a familiar voice.

“Khrush just the person I wanted to see” Agn shouted out from the chair he was sitting at. “Just setting up the old chess board for a match…yeah I beat everyone today not really a challenge, say you up for a go around?” he said as he placed the pieces across the board. “I’ll let you go first…huh...huh…come on I’ll even let you be the white ones”.

“What does the color of the pieces have to do with the outcome of the game?” Khrushchev questioned as he watched Agn scratch his forehead.

“Well nothing I guess, I just thought you know…for a change of pace. So what do you say?” Agn looked up at Khrushchev smiling.

“Fine” Khrushchev placed his gun case on the ground and managed to fit his over size body onto the small metal folding chair. Agn looked at the chair as the metal creaked and buckled under the weight but still managed to support me. “You can go first” he pointed to Agn as he grabbed a pawn and moved it forward. After several moves back and forth Khrushchev stood up from his chair and grabbed his case.

“Wait where are you going we’re not done yet?” Agn looked puzzled as he saw Khrushchev look as if he was going to leave.

“I have matched your moves with previous matches, and you have followed a pattern, I will beat you in the next twenty one moves, there is no point to continue play. I have some internal repairs and upgrades to attend to”.

“What repairs, you don’t look damaged aside from a few scratches which can probably be taken out with a buffer”. Khrushchev looked at the scratches on his body that Agn referred to and dismissed them as cosmetic blemishes at best.

“I have software upgrades to my main processor which need to be maintained”.

“Oh well hey don’t forget to reboot after your done so the changes take effect” Agn laughed hardily as Khrushchev stared at him through his visor.

“Reboot…I do not require nor do I ever reboot, I do not understand the comedy behind the remark”.

“Come on that’s funny you know like windows on a PC you need to always reboot for the changes to take effect” he paused for a moment waiting to see if he elicited a response. “Windows the operating system” Agn rolled his hands at Khrushchev trying to see if it would joggle his memory.

“I assure you I am far more advanced then a personal computer and I was not created or affiliated with the Microsoft Corporation”. Agn’s mouth dropped open almost stunned by his comments.

“Never mind” Agn shook his head in disbelief, he had forgotten that his former friend no longer had a sense of humor and would not understand the ideology behind the joke.

“I am a creation of Crey Technologies specifically a division of the advanced sciences…” Agn raised his hand mid sentence to make him stop.

“I know, I really... really know”

“Well perhaps we can continue this conversation at another time that is better suited for both of us, good bye Agn”. Agn did a half hearted wave watched Khrushchev walk out the door and looked back at the chess board. He picked up a knight and moved it to a new position on the board.

“How the hell did he do that?”

To be continued…