What Happened?

From the Story Arc: Arch Angel X

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(posted Wednesday, March 30, 2005)

A dark portal opens in a back alley way and Gabriel falls out on to the pavement below careening into some nearby trashcans. The crashing sound of the large tins barrels echoed down the brick and stone alley. Many homeless called this alley home and were awakened from either their sleep or drunken slumber.

“Hey you want to be quiet I am trying to get some sleep over here” one local slurred as he got up carrying a bottle in a brown paper sack. Gabriel stood up and tried to compose him self, he did not know how he got here nor did he remember the events of just recent past. He began brushing himself off trying to remove or loosen the now embedded dirt and grime on his clothes. “Yeah I’m talking to you” he walked towards Gabriel hand stretched out pointing somewhat in his direction as he staggered under his drunkenness. “This is our alley way not yours so get the hell out” he spoke and spat at the same time now pushing Gabriel in the back.

Quickly he turned around “I don’t know how I got here” still looking down at his now torn pants “my mom is going to kill me”.

“Your momma ain’t here to help you boy so beat it before I decide not to be nice. We don’t need some snot nosed kid hanging out, you’ll take our food”. Gabriel finally lifted his head to look directly at the withered man. His face was scruffy and dirty, his tattered coat was stained and smelled of bodily fluids. The man stopped suddenly dropping his bottle smashing it on the ground. “You… oh God please don’t I don’t want to go there, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt anyone or scare you”. The homeless man tried to reach out and help straighten out Gabriel’s clothes.

“Don’t touch me…” Gabriel was taken by surprise by the sudden change in mannerism with the approaching man.

“Please I am begging you don’t take me, I’ll get better please I don’t want to go to hell”.

Gabriel pushed off and began to run away, he could hear the man crying in the background growing fainter as he got further away. He had to get home he thought to himself, he began to walk home as he did not have any money for bus fair. He finally had made it to his street after walking upwards of seven miles. Several flashing lights blinked red and blue as he made his way to the cul-de-sac. Two police cruisers sat in front of the house a third in the driveway. Yellow tape worked like a fence around the front of the property, Gabriel became increasingly worried. He approached the curb of his yard and ducked under the tape marked ‘Police Do Not Enter’ one of the cops shouted at Gabriel as he approached the front door.

“Hey kid, can’t you read?” he approached Gabriel trying to stop him as he got near the front porch steps. “Stop you can’t go in there, it’s a crime scene” he remarked as he sprinted blocking his path.

“But I live here… this is my house, that’s my room right there” he said pointing to the last window at the corner of the house.
“You got any I.D. on you?”

“I.D.?” he looked somewhat puzzled as he tried peaking through the semi opened front door.’

“Identification, you got any?”

“I’m ten years old what kind of Identification would I have? Wait I have my school I.D. is that ok?”

“Let me see it, either way you can’t go inside” the officer spoke as he reached out his hand. Gabriel began fishing through his pockets looking for it. He became increasingly frustrated as he did not seem to have it.

“It must have fallen out when I fell”.

“Look kid I’m sorry but…”

A shout cam from the neighbor’s house “Gabriel is that you?” Mrs. Young the next door neighbor came running over “I know this boy officer he is Mary’s son Gabriel, this is his home, or was but he has been staying at St. Sebastian’s across town, till his mother could get back on her feet”.

“What are you talking about, I live here…not at that school, that’s for losers, kids who take the small bus”. The officer looked at both and wondered as their stories did not seem to match. Mrs. Young looked down at Gabriel and noticed a large bump on the front of his head, swollen and bleeding.

“You’ve bumped your head pretty good there, why don’t we go inside my house and I can clean that scrape up a bit, if that’s ok with you officer”. He looked at Gabriel first as he continued to look frightened and then back to Mrs. Young.

“Yeah that’s fine get him cleaned up, but keep him with you for now until we can find some family to pick him up”.

“Thank you officer, come on Gabriel lets go in the house, you can have something to drink and eat, and you look famished”.

The officer who had began walking towards the house stopped to talk to Gabriel again. “Listen kid I’m sorry, Mary was a nice lady she did a lot for the community you have my deepest sympathies”. He tipped his hat and walked back into the house.

“What? What is he talking about? Why did he say everything in the past tense? Where is my mom? Gabriel became scared started to shake and cry. “What’s wrong with my mom? I want my mommy” he began to sob uncontrollably and pulled away from Mrs. Young running towards his house.

“Wait Gabriel you can’t…oh God no”. She placed both of hers hands over her mouth as she saw him get up to the door. Both hinges were damaged from the officers who forced their entry. He pushed it open and went inside proceeding down the hall towards the kitchen.

“Damn it I thought you got him to go next door” one of the detectives pointed at the approaching child. “Shit, hey kid I thought I told you to stay out”.

“I need to see my mom” his voice echoed and repeated through the air in different tones and levels. The officer stopped briefly moving his eyes around the room wondering where the other voices came from.

“Kid look I told you no and…”

“I need to see my mom” his voice got louder and the echoes continued and some even said different sentences “move out of my way” were faint but distinctive. Gabriel’s eyes turned almost entirely black as his anger grew.

“Sure. Sure kid you go on ahead”.

Gabriel walked into the kitchen and could see everything, the detective kneeling on the floor another taking picture. Pill bottles and tablets covered the tile floor, empty bottles of liquor on the counter and floor. His eyes focused on the center floor where a chalk outline of what he now knew was his mom covered the floor.

“Get out” he yelled at the officers, continuing voices trailed after “Leave my house” yet his mouth no longer moved. Dark purple balls of light began forming around Gabriel and slowly began to spread out filling the room. The officers grabbed their stuff and fled as fast as they could to their cars and began speeding away.

“Wait where are you going?” Mrs. Young questioned as she fell to the sidewalk almost being hit by an accelerating police cruiser. She watched them zoom down the street right through an intersection nearly hitting another car.

“No! Mommy No!” Gabriel’s voice screamed through the neighborhood causing animals to scurry and birds to fly from the trees. Mrs. Young could only cover her ears, trying her best to wipe the tears from her face.

To be continued…