Part 24

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Monday, April 04, 2005)

“Where are you going?” Bestial Boy stopped Khrushchev just before he left headquarters. “We have an officers meeting in ten minutes and that includes you”.

“I fail to see the point in attending such a meeting”.

“The point is you are an officer of this group and you need to be there”.


“Why? Why? Because I have things to discuss”.

“For instance?”

“Well like last weeks meeting, you are to read the minutes”.

“I was at last weeks meeting Commissar and nothing of importance was discussed. While I do find the discussion over remembering to hide the cookies from Chug, Agn’s chess classes and Communards guide to women and lobotomies stimulating I am afraid I have far more pressing matters to attend to. Besides you do not need me”.

“Sure we do umm we all do…” Bestial Boy tried to convince him to stay but it was in vain.

“Commissar, with all of the respect that is do to you for your status in this group, no one here wants a machine for an officer, no one respects me, I am a machine, and the sooner you remove that black cloud around you, you will see that to be true”. Khrushchev turned and left, leaving Bestial Boy to his own.

“Wait does he mean that figuratively?”

Khrushchev headed down to the old industrial section of town, it had been clean for weeks now since he had threatened all who lived there. He approached an old mill and could hear a couple of voices faintly.

He continued his approach with up most silence, a very difficult task for one his size but he did it well. The shadows danced across the wall, outlines of two figures carefully navigating their way to around the old mill. “Got your gun loaded? Good”. His keen hearing gave him the ability to hear almost anything and gun sent a trigger through his system. Drawing his own gun he approached cautiously, he could here multiple footsteps running along the gravel walkway. Whoever it was did not speak much but was not being overly careful about the sound they made. The back of a sneaker is what he saw sprinting around the corner, little bits of trap rock flew in the air along with a handful of dust. He raised his gun and set the lock, targeting drone was activated, the small mechanical device orbited around his head. Precise accuracy was what the drone gave you he would not miss.

“Bang bang…I got you” a sound of a voice came up directly behind Khrushchev, he quickly turned and let out a shotgun blast. The wide spread buckshot blasted his target sending it flying through the air landing twenty feet from where he last stood. Placing the gun by his side he scanned the target. “No life signs visible” the drone’s computer informed him through his audible scanner. He placed the gun by his side and began walking towards the now deceased victim. The small stones crunched under his metal feet as he approached, he looked over the lifeless body. It was not a man as he had thought not a woman either but a child, a little girl now lay dead just blow him. No more then ten years old his processor informed him. She laid in silence her long blond hair with two pigtails decorated in pink bows tangled with the dirt and rocks. Her wide eyes still open as if she saw her own death, her little denim overalls were riddled with holes, now just a canvas for a blood painting He knelt beside the young girl and reached towards her neck checking for a pulse. He knew she had passed but for some reason felt compelled. The other child a young boy just slightly older came around the furthest corner after he heard the blast. Running towards the girl he slid as Khrushchev began to stand up, the towering figure that he was caused the young boy to go into a shock. He became pale white, the pigment flushed out of his skin as he fell helplessly to the ground. He could see his sister now dead drowning in a pool over her own blood.

“Katie…” he screamed barely able to breath, “you killed her, you killed my sister” Instinctively he grabbed his water gun and shot off as much as he could. “You’re a monster…” Khrushchev just stood there as the pressurized water began to slow, the little boy dropped his water gun and ran as fast as his little legs would take him. He stumbled a couple of times only once looking back to see his sister lay so perfectly still. Khrushchev radioed for help and soon sirens echoed through the streets, ambulance was there first soon followed by the distinct red and blue flashing of the police. The medics stood ideally by knowing they could do nothing for the poor girl but rest a blanket over her and wait for the Coroner.

The police exited their vehicles followed by the sheriffs department they approached Khrushchev with caution he knew his fate was sealed.

To be continued…