From the Story Arc: WCO Report: Operation Black Lotus

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(posted Tuesday, April 05, 2005)

In some aspects you would consider it an imposing figure. An overwrought frame, bulky with thick muscles, and lumpy dark green skin that had fine fissures like a cracked marble floor. But the figure had its lower legs encased in steel boots connected by thick cables, as if they were some bizarre form of shackles. Around its neck was a heavy metal collar adorned with electronic equipment that flashed an array of small, dizzying lights. Towering men in bulky metal suits, with smooth lines and faceplates of glossy black material that gave them a menacing, alien look, flanked it. Each figure held odd, but imposing, rifles of some sort aimed squarely at its back. The small frame stood with its head hung low and shoulders slumped in a quiet defeat.

General Alexander Rokossovsky thrust his finger at a large steel beam on the floor before it. "Bend the girder now."

It looked up with soft, dark eyes. "No."

The general's eyes narrowed. He glanced at a man in a lab coat and nodded. The technician at a bank of monitors and equipment tapped a switch. The collar around the being's neck hummed and its entire frame tensed up. It only eased when the technician hit the switch again.


"No," it looked up at Alexander again. "You try an make Chug bad like before. But Chug gud. Chug never gunna do bad dings. You try before and you try now. But I not gunna be bad." It lowered its head. "Chug is gud..."

Alexander Rokossovsky's face reddened. His eyes erupted with cold hate and waved at the technician again. "And do not turn off the emitter until I say so," he hissed. The being's entire stocky frame began to shake uncontrollably. The general stepped forward and spat, "I will break you. I will crush that simple sprit. Like the animal you are you will do as I instruct!"

The figure's knees buckled and it fell over on its side. With clenched teeth it struggled to speak. And finally with halting words, "Chug....is.....gud."

Alexander Rokossovsky roared. He drew his side arm and fired several shots in its head. The being's eyes squinted and flinched as each round hit, but the bullets had ricochet off harmlessly.

The men in the strange armor shifted nervously as the general glowered over the slumped form. "Turn off the neural emitter," said Alexander. He knelt down and looked into its face. "I want it escorted back to the cell."

"Lock it up," he sneered, "and I want it starved. We'll see how long it can survive." Alexander Rokossovsky quickly stood up and strode out of the chamber.

The men in armor stepped forward and one kicked the figure on the floor. "Get up!" The voice was amplified though a small speaker emitting from the head, but the tone had the unmistakable bark of an order. Slowly the figure got up and shuffled in the direction it was told go.