Look to the Sky: Part Two

From the Story Arc: Trench Warfare

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(posted Thursday, April 07, 2005)

{ Are you ready for it?!?! I will disintegrate you and your kind into ashes! }, the Frenchman screamed as the bubble around him grew larger. The energy bubble had grown so big that it encompassed the whole of the CCCP HQ and nearly a three block radius in all directions. A lot of innocent people would die…if we weren’t around to end this. I stared intently as the bubble grew and suddenly I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Someone was coming…and fast. A flash of light cascaded through the bubble and struck the Frenchman in his chest, sending him into the side of a building so hard that he went through the other side of the building and made a crater in the street.

Even with sight in only one eye, I felt both my eyes widen as I looked to the crater and then to the flash of light that hovered in the sky where the Frenchman once stood. I looked closer to see that it was Red Saviour. Her speed and elegance at flight made her look like an Angel…a Valkyrie sent down to strike down this threat. She hovered down and landed right next to me. *Who is this Agn?* Staring at the crater I said, *I do not know, Commissar.* Red Saviour and I began to approach the crater. Once we reached it, our new foe lay there incapacitated…or so we thought. He grinned as he leapt from the crater and flew toward us so fast that it seemed he had jets strapped to his feet. He knocked both of us clear out of his path, burying us deep into the walls of buildings that stood on either side. “Ouch,” was all I could mutter as I landed hard on the ground.

The Frenchman once again took a position in the sky, this time resting his gaze on the other members of the CCCP and Red Brigade that coagulated to the carnage. { Fresh meat. } Communard, resident Frenchman of the CCCP, ran to the front of the pack, not understanding why a fellow countryman would wish to cause such needless destruction. { Friend, } he said trying to reach into the Frenchman’s thoughts, { who are you and why have you come here? } {My name is Savate de Rue. My reason is to obliterate you Communist scum from Paragon! To think, a man of French heritage fighting alongside tyrants. You will be the first to die for your treason! } He formed an energy ball at his finger tips and blasted it toward Communard. Communard placed his fingers to his forehand and formed a psychic ball of energy that blasted out toward Savate’s energy blast. Savate hovered, grinning from ear to ear with his left arm extended out and his right arm across his abdomen, controlling his ball of energy as it attempted to push back Communard’s psychic blast. Communard struggled, digging his nails into his forehead and drawing blood as he fought to keep his psychic ball in Savate’s direction. I looked up, despite the pain in my body, to see the two balls of energy in the air as they pushed each other back and forth like two water balloons colliding in slow motion. I looked over at Communard to see him fall to one knee and I looked at Savate as he grinned without even breaking a sweat. How could someone be this powerful? I could laugh myself into a headache as Communard made Consiligieres of The Family run head first into walls because he used his psychic abilities to make them think they were bulldozers, yet he is under submission by this new foe.

Slowly Savate’s energy ball pushed both the balls closer to Communard until they were nearly over his head. “Screw this,” Bestial Boy muttered as he ignited his dark armour around him and in a murky haze, ran toward Communard and rolled him out of the way making way for the energy balls to crash into the ground. Soviet Winter sped in front of the other Heroes, forming an ice wall to protect them just as the blast went off. The sheer force of the blast cracked his ice barrier into thousands of pieces, sending the ice crashing to the ground. Bestial Boy kneeled over Communard using his dark armour to protect them both from the blast. Savate dropped his arms to his sides as he gazed wickedly on the remaining members. Zach’s armour dissipated and he screamed, “Khrush! Take this son of a bitch down!” Khrushchev did not hesitate as he brought his massive gun from his side and pointed it at Savate. He set his weapon to auto with a click of his finger and unleashed a barrage of fire, lighting up the sky with ammo as casing after casing fell to the ground. As he unleashed hell, he fired three M203 grenades from that cannon he called a gun, adding salt to the wounds he was inflicting to Savate. “There’s no way in hell anyone could survive that,” Zach muttered as he looked on.

Then, the gunfire stopped, Khrushchev still holding the trigger of his weapon as it clicked signaling it was empty. He lowered his weapon to his side once again and scanned the sky. “Target eliminated,” Khrushchev said with some trace of pride in his robotic voice. I looked to the sky, only to see a huge cloud of smoke surrounding where Savate once was. As the smoke began to clear, one thing became apparent: Target was not eliminated. Gasps came to my ears as Savate appeared from the clearing smoke, his arm stretched out in front of him. “Oh my God,” Zach muttered as he witnessed what we were all stunned by.

Some how…some way…he stopped them all. Right in front of Savate’s outstretched hand was every bullet that Khrushchev attempted to riddle him with. They formed what seem to be a huge net made of bullets. “There must be at least 300 bullets,” I said looking over at Red Saviour, who had just made it to her feet. Her eyes were widened, fear of what was to happen next setting in. Savate’s teeth began to show as he broke into a maniacal laugh that nearly drained him of all his breath. His eyes gleamed as each bullet turned around and pointed in the direction of the heroes of the CCCP that stood in front of him. Every hero was in his sight…all except Red Saviour, me and…who else was missing?

{ DIE!!!, } Savate screamed at the top of his lungs as he stretched his fingers out to bring death upon all who stood in front of him. Then, I felt it, a feeling like a breeze passing into my body. “Fei Li,” I muttered as I saw a white shade appear behind Savate. People’s Blade was covered in white light, as was her blade, even as she shoved it into Savate’s back and forced it through his abdomen. “Your destruction ends here,” she calmly said in his ear as she began to turn the blade in 360º angles. Savate grinned even wider as he coughed up blood and relinquished his hold on the bullets, which fell to the ground below. He rested his arms to his sides and bowed his head as if he had died in mid-flight. Suddenly, he raised his legs into a reverse somersault, bringing his feet down on Fei Li’s head with such speed that she, of all people, didn’t see it coming. The sheer force of his kick sent her crashing into the street below and caused her to make a hole in the ground…six feet deep.

Savate hovered back into a standing position as he reached to his back, grabbing the blade that had stabbed him through and through near the hilt. He slowly began to pull it out of his back until it was relieved from his body and rested in two of his fingers. He tossed the blade to the ground, a loud clanking sound coming from the kitana as it hit the ground. He crossed his arms across his chest and began to turn around until he faced me. With blood on his teeth as he grinned sadistically, I watched as his eyes turned blood red with his gaze fixed directly on me. { Agn Stratonik…son of Chach Stratonik…prepare to pay for the sins of your Father…with your life. }