Part 25

From the Story Arc: Changes

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(posted Monday, April 11, 2005)

“Greasy slicked down body, groovy leather trim, I like the way you hold the road, mama, it ain't no sin. Talkin' 'bout love, Trouble-free transmission, helps your oil's flow Mama, let me pump your gas, mama, let me do it all. Talkin' 'bout love Dig that heavy metal underneath your hood Baby, I could work all night, believe I've got the perfect tools talkin’ 'bout love”. Home World continued singing tapping his fingers to the fast beat of Zeppelin. Reaching down he held on to the slap stick transmission and floored the Slime Lime green 1970 Cuda to the floor, the deep rumble of the exhaust bellowed has he screamed down the back straight away. Sliding the car through the rocky ground kicked up a cloud of dust as he circled the car behind the back of the warehouse. Slamming on the brakes the car rested just 10 yards away from the crowd of cops, who were now holding Khrushchev at bay. He gave one last rev of the engine before turning off the engine. Quickly he jumped out of the car, straightened out his clothes and turned his cap backwards. “Here we are and just in time by the looks of it, got yourself into a bit of trouble my big friend” he spoke but no one could hear him over the large block engine.

“Have no fear Home World is here…” he placed both hands to his sides, trying to stand perfectly still and stiff. “God don’t you just love classic American Muscle, thing of beauty isn’t it?” He pointed to the car as he walked over talking his finger trying to rub a small blemish off the paint. “Perhaps I can provide some assistance, I happen to be pretty knowledgeable about these kinds of things” he spoke as he put a little spit on his finger trying to remove the dirt mark.

“Take a look at this freaking guy. Hey buddy can’t you see we’re a little busy here?” a few of the officers laughed as they tried to keep focus on Khrushchev. Home World continued just to stand there, they couldn’t tell if he was admiring the car or his reflection in the paint. “Are you retarded or something?” the Sergeant spoke as he watched Home World continue to walk closer. “I told you to beat it”.

“No, I am not retarded, actually you would find that if you tested me that I would have one of the higher IQ’s on this planet”.

“Don’t be a wise ass, now make a like a tree and get out of here”.

“It’s leave”.


“The phrase is make like a tree and leave, you just sound stupid when you say it like that”. The officer grabbed his gun and slowly pulled back on the trigger. The Gun clicked several times and locked into position.

“Leave then!” he shouted as he had the gun pointed directly at Home Worlds temple. Quickly Home World raised both of his hands into the air.

“Whoa whoa…wait a second, I am just trying to help...see that Neural Inhibitor you’re going to use” he bent his wrist pointing his index finger at the machine now resting near Khrushchev’s feet. “That won’t work on him, he is a machine”.

“That information is correct” Khrushchev spoke as he focused in on Home World wondering how he had ascertained that information.

“You shut up, actually both of you shut up, this is my investigation, he is under arrest and you like to stick your nose in where it’s not wanted. Well you can join your buddy in the cell next to his. Fit the restraints on both of them, and get them the hell out of my sight”. The restraints looked familiar to Home World, these were no ordinary cuffs but rather energy reducers.

“Very similar to Malta technology, Sappers that’s where I have seen that before” Home World thought to himself as they approached with the devices. There intentions were not only to bound Khrushchev but to make him completely subdued, with now power he couldn’t put up any type of resistance.

“Run” he muttered under his breath, “Wait guys this has all been a big misunderstanding”.

“Run” he said again under his breath this time slightly louder, Khrushchev heard him and turned his head. “I was just trying to help guys, come on your not going to arrest me…?” Khrushchev lifted both of his arms forward placing his wrists together as to prepare himself for being arrested.

“RUN!!!” Home World screamed bringing both of his hands together, his hands began to glow white he stretched them to the sky, a brightness more than that of the sun filled the area followed by the sudden deep bass crash of thunder.

“Look I have no time to talk, they can’t see us of hear us, but it will where off in time, meet me at these coordinates, come alone, I can help you. For now though run”. Not bothering to open the door Home World jumped through the driver side window. The engine and exhaust rumbled as he took off, the back end fish tailed as he made it out to the street. The officers just stood there dazed, totally unaware of what was happening, there eyes had been blinded with the brightest of lights, and their hearing defending by the deepest of sounds. Quickly he leapt from building to building going only by what was written on a small piece of paper.