Saying Goodbye

From the Story Arc: Arch Angel X

Previous Story in the Arc: What Happened? by Khrushchev (Wednesday, March 30, 2005)

(posted Tuesday, April 12, 2005)

His blank stare said it all as the heaviness of his eyes swelled with tears. He knelt down on to the cold tile floor, reaching under her neck he gently lifter her head to his chest. Pressing his face tightly to hers as the familiar scent of a flowery perfume refreshed his memory of a mother lost. “I’m so sorry mom, please tell me who did this to you”. He spoke to her as if she were still alive, he had flashbacks of being younger and talking to his mom, she would always stop what ever she was doing to hang on his every word. But the pain of a lost love had taken over her emotions sending her in a downward spiral of depression. She had taken her own life, but he would not believe it and no one would tell him otherwise.

“I can’t leave you here” he said as he moved one arm under her knees the other mid way down her back and carried her outside to the front porch. Mrs. Young Mary’s good friend and neighbor sobbed as she saw young Gabriel holding his departed mother. Sirens wailed in the back ground and were getting closer. “I won’t let them take you away from me, I need you” he whispered to her still holding her tight.

“Oh Gabriel I am so sorry…” she said through her tears holding one hand over mouth as she spoke the other holding tissues. She stopped momentarily as a swat truck and police cars tore down the street. “Please Gabriel don’t make this any harder than it needs to be do as they say and maybe they will let you live with me, I can take care of you”.

“I know” he answered as he rested his mother down on the soft green grass. “All those things I can do. All those powers. And I couldn't even save her.” He stood up as the sounds of guns being brought to the ready resounded through the air.

“Freeze!” an officer shouted through a megaphone, Mrs. Young became nervous and began to shake.

“Please he is just a boy, he is confused and scared, let him be…please…just leave”.

“Ma’am please step away from the boy, we will handle this nice and calmly as long as Gabriel wants it to be that way. Do you understand?” She slowly took a few steps back, still finding it hard to grasp everything that had happened.

“Listen to them, please…I don’t want to see you get hurt, she told me to take care of you…I promised her I would”. Gabriel began to get frustrated, why were they here, what happened to his mother, he thought to him self as he began pacing on the side walk. The officer once again motioned to Gabriel to stop. Failing to heed the directions one officer loaded a tranquilizer dart gun and had it at the ready.

“That’s far enough…”

“I haven’t done anything wrong why are you hounding me, leave me be” he screamed at them letting out his frustrations flailing his arms in disgust.
“If you don’t stop we will be forced to take action, you will leave us with no other recourse”.

Gabriel stopped for a moment and looked over at Mrs. Young who was desperately trying to get him to listen. He gazed down at his mother whose last somber pose sent chills through his spine. What was so important about her, what was so important about him, he kept going over in his mind repeatedly. “Why am I different, I never wanted this, I wanted to be normal, like every other kid” he muttered under his breath. His eyes began to darken and clouds of darkness began to swell over the ground.

He felt a sharp pinch as he reached for his neck and pulled out a dart. He stared at it for a second and grinned as he looked up at the surrounding police. “That’s a nice trick…I have one too…want to see?” His body began to convulse as his arms and legs began to move and rotate indirections that were not physically possible with out the breaking of bones. An explosion of color Black and Purple circled around him as he stood in center. As the wind carried away the dark smoke they were left standing in front of a twelve foot monstrosity.

“A black Dwarf” that’s my neat trick, let me show you another.

“Open fire…” automatic weapons flared off with rounds of metal casing bouncing off the hoods of cars. The giant demon like creature lunged forward with its claws and roared in anger. Bringing its foot up he smashed to the ground, a shock wave spread out in a circular pattern send flattening everything in its path. He stopped to look at the damage, everything was destroyed, and everyone had died. He turned to look back for his mother and saw her still resting up on the front lawn. The large creature lumbered towards the woman as the ground shook beneath him. Mrs. Young ventured back out of her house when Gabriel turned himself back into the boy he was.

“Some how I knew it was true all along” she spoke as she watched him rub his mother’s hair.

“What was true, how did you know?”

“Your mother confided something in me, along time ago when you were born, you are very special Gabriel, but there are people…a lot of people who are genuinely scared of you and will do anything in the power to make sure you don’t continue living”.

“But you’re not scared?”

“No because I finally believed your mother, I understood her pain. She knew that once your father died she could not protect you and the only way for people to forget you was to think everything was gone, to think the family was gone. Judging by what happened just now, more will be here and soon. They won’t stop you need to leave, now, go…go far away”.

He hugged her and waved goodbye, he thanked her for being so kind to him when others weren’t ad for helping his mother in her time of need. As he picked up his mother the purple and black formed around him and he was gone. He reappeared just moments later deep in Perez Park, “she always loved it here said it was peaceful down by the lake”. Switching forms once more he dug a hole and buried his mother. Walking about he found a large stone which he dragged to her grave, using his claws he carved her name, birth date and day of her death. He ripped some near by flowers from the ground placing them across the still soft dirt. Carving one last line into the solid stone “Thanks for keeping me safe”. Shedding a few more tears he teleported out of the park, he was on a mission to find out what he was and who was after his family.

To be continued…