Part 27

From the Story Arc: Changes

Previous Story in the Arc: Part 26 by Khrushchev (Wednesday, April 13, 2005)

(posted Monday, April 18, 2005)

Perez Park at one point was a haven of families on picnics, dogs running through fields of open grass, children flying their kites. There was even a stage set up for theatre, music shows and community events. The lake water was blue as the sky and the abandoned house which still stands at the farthest end was once an Ice cream store serving dozens of flavors to cool down those hot summer nights. The park was an escape from the hustle and bustle of the working world. It took you away from the Metal high rises of Steel Canyon, the industrial smog of Kings Row, it was tranquil in its simplicity.

Slowly things began to change, subtle at first enough so most didn’t notice but changes none the less. The center of the park which used to be colorful natural trails had overgrown. It had turned into a dense forest, a wandering maze of trees, rocks and streams, if you did not have a guide you could certainly find yourself walking in circles for hours. The outside border had grown a thick underbrush of New England thorn bushes, which were not forgiving if you came into contact with them. A circle of thorns is what the area was called, little did they know at the time that the name would take on additional meaning. Most kept away and everything seemed alright, until several children had gone missing were thought to be lost in the forest. A rescue team of Paragon Police had ventured into the woods, they searched endlessly for hours and not until they stumbled upon a dead end would there search find anything. A child’s baseball cap and a young girl’s sandal were found just near the entrance of what looked to be an old mining cave.

“I thought you said this was all just forest”. A group of Paragon Police shined their flashlights down into the dark cave.

“There’s not…I mean it’s not on any of the maps”. Yet another officer spoke as he unfolded a large map showing where they stood. “There is no indication of any mining being done here ever, and this map dates back to the early eighteen hundreds. This is new”.

“New…do you even listen to what you’re saying? No one could have built this tunnel, we would have seen equipment being brought in. I mean you just can’t bore into the ground like this with a shovel”.

“What if they came out of the ground instead of in?” he spoke as he nodded his head at everyone.

“I go back to my first statement, do you even know what you are saying?”

The search was a failure no children were found anywhere, and while the parents held out hope the police closed the case. They did find a couple of books left deep inside one of the caves, they appeared old and tattered. When opened they saw pictures of what looked to be people being sacrificed. They would return the book back to Atlas Park for study. First given to the Science for study but it ultimately made its way to the Magic group.

After the events the center had been closed off to all, and warning signs had been nailed onto make shift doors which covered the twelve cave entrances they had found. Eventually the whole park had been closed off, and only the adventurous or the stupid would go into the park now.

“I flew in through the Steel Canyon Entrance and made my way just behind the large Cement wall which went around the whole park. It was erected shortly after in the cities attempt to keep the park growth from spreading to far. It was early yet and figured I would take a look around before Khrushchev had got here. That’s when I spotted him, “Chug” I thought to myself. The most interesting of all CCCP members, so much power in such a simple form. I hovered in and landed near him, he waved to me.



“I am here to speak with a Comrade of yours he is going to meet me here”.

“Is it Comrade Saviour?”

“No…see I said he is going to meet me here not she” Chug just shrugged his shoulders. “Never mind I am meeting Comrade Khrushchev here, you know him right?”

“Yah he big and tuff like me Chug”. Chug had suddenly stopped talking to me and started talking to what looked like the ground.

“What are you doing?”

“I am talking to da squirrels”

“Oh yah I do that to sometimes too”.

“You douz, what do they say to you?”

“Huh? Well nothing, I mean they don’t talk to me, I mean squirrels don’t talk…at all” I paused as I scratched my head. Watching Chug sit there and talk to the animals reminded me of a simpler time, much simpler.

“They talks to me” he responded to me as he handed one of the squirrels a peanut.

“Well I gonna goes talk to mister tree now, he and I not speak in long time”

“The trees huh, well make sure he doesn’t bark at you…” I nudged him a few times which in retrospect might not have been a good thing, he didn’t seem to like it. “Get it bark” no response, “Bark, a tree has bark”.

“A doggie barks, not mister tree, he talks and sings to Chug”.

“Okay, well I am going to go over there” I pointed of in any direction, the conversation had gone a little strange, at least for me and it seemed as good as a time as any to break it off.

“Can I’s come?”


Can I’s come with youz?”

“Umm well this is personal I am going to try to make him better”.

“Is he broke?”

“Well not broke but he is a machine I think I can help him, go back to a being a person again”.

“Dat would be nice, Chug miss Khrush lots, Khrush not talk to Chug much since he machine”.

“Wells I got to go it getting dark and dey tell Chug to come back soon. Byez”. He waved as he leapt out of view. I made my way over to the side of the lake and waited patiently for Khrushchev. A came across something that gained my interest. Freshly moved soil, about six foot in length would be my guess, and at the end a marker stone. “This is a plot, from what I read these humans bury their kind once they cease to exist, a strange custom, just one of the many I would have to become used to”. I ran my fingers over the letters and began reading it aloud. “Mary born…” I was interrupted by a voice that did not seem happy that I was there.

“Get off my mothers grave…Now!”

To be continued…