Leave of Absence

(posted Wednesday, June 30, 2004)

Hello comrades!

Time is short, so I will keep to point. I, like most comrades, am shocked by Moscow's sudden policy shift. With commissars under investigation and recruiting stifled, our power as organization has severly decreased. And now with xenophobia typical of Stalinists, CCCP leaders also attempt ban of non-Russian members? Is outrage. Surely comittee must have some misguided perception of American CCCP. This I hope to set right.

Therefore, today I leave for Moscow to testify to committee. I hope to talk out of crazy policy, or at least minimize damage to existing organization. This will mean I cannot fight crime on streets for while, but is sacrifice I am willing to make. I know CCCP is strong, and I am only small part, so I hope my absence won't cause problems. I shall hopefully return in few days, but may take week or longer. Be strong under investigation comrades, do not let their foolishness weaken your resolve!

Spaceeba for time, tovarischi. -Petrograd

Ivan Ilych Derinsky