Prologue The Falling: Blood and Shadows


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(posted Monday, May 09, 2005)

A glowing fist hits the consol with a thud leaving a 6" dente in the panel........''DAMN IT.....DAMN IT" the Gray Ghost looks up at one of the news articles before him. The article is a featured news report on the CCCP from the Paragon Times. The report was the sudden disappearance of a number of the CCCP top heroes.

Vector Prime allied and friend of the Gray Ghost " What is it Gray?"

Ghost "Damn it I told The CCCP months ago that the Czarist and Countess Crey had Teamed up. I told them about the Kronaton Device...and Still they have not done anything. Now this article about the missing members... What will it take to open their eyes that they are in danger."

Vector "Remember Ghost I have fought by there side they are a very good team, but they have to much belief that nothing can hurt them and now they are paying the price. I am at a lost to what to do. I have offered my services to them but they have refused."

Ghost "I know I told Red-Savoir that I was looking out for their back, and now this ....I have failed them."

Vector "It is not your fault Ghost, it seems all of us have under estimated the Czarist."

Ghost "I wonder how in the hell he is able to move so is almost like they have an Insider some how. I have check all of the backgrounds on the teams current line up and all of them are clean. For the first time I'm at a loss. I don't know how he is doing it"

Vector "From what I know about your Czarist as you call him. He is very dangerous...this alliance he has with the Countess Crey may be what is tipping the scale in his favor."

Ghost "I know that Vector, but what to do about it. Your case load from your contacts has you fighting with the Rikti almost every day, I'm still working on tracking down the Damn parts of that device. Red-Star has been out of the loop, he took along needed vacation with his former girl friend. They are planning on moving back in with one another. What we need is a break in the case some way to break the back of this alliance with the Czarist and the Countess. But what?"