Part one of The Falling; Blood and Shadows- Return of Hope


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(posted Thursday, May 12, 2005)

On the other side of the Paragon City a lone hero finishes his patrol. He thinks to himself "Da is good tonight I have crushed 5th Column/Council Dogs." As he takes flight to head home the red star on his chest can be seen by some of the folks walking about at this time of night...It is the CCCP very own Red-Star returning to duty after a long vacation and personal leave. Red-Star had taken some personal time to put his own life back together.

He started by patching his relationship with the only women he ever did love Nania Stokavic. He had thought he had lost her some time ago to the deeds of the Czarist, but some how she was saved by a strange mage calling himself The Raven. The Raven had told Nania that she had latten Magical powers and that she would be needed for the battle with the Circle of Thorns. After months of training and isolation from Red-Star, Nania was ready for action. In a strange twist of fate The Raven pulled Nania from the streets of Paragon and told her he had looked in to her future, and saw two fates for her. One was a life of great misery, and to die alone, or a life of love filled with the fullness that life can bring. The Raven told her that the path he had put her on would be the one of great hardship, the life she left was the one full of joy and happiness. The Raven explained that he was only able to see her future after the magic in her had been awakened. Red-Star plays back what Nania told him in his minds eye "Nania you have a very old type of Magic in you.... Earth Magic it is one of the oldest and purest forms of magic that has not been corrupted. Your fate is not that to be a hero.... but as a mother. Your children will be the ones that will wield this great power...Your children will have a life of happiness and great Joy as well. Know this that they will save the world in it's darkest hour." "I'm sorry my child your fate is not with me....but with Red-Star. Your offspring will be the ones that I am to train and teach them all of my knowledge. I can wait another 20 years for them. As for your powers, now I will have to silence them...cut you off from them all together. I can not allow you or your abilities be found out by the Circle of Thorns." The Raven casted a spell upon Nania cutting her off forever from her awakened powers. " Now go to him he needs you more than I do...good journey my child. We will meet again."

The call he had gotten from Nania had set him back. She explained everything that she was told and that had happened to her. It seems fate had smiled upon him again that day, and this time he was not going to let is slip by. Red-Star had taken an extended leave of personal time from the CCCP and all of the head games Moscow had been playing with the team. He had focused all life on the one thing that truly mattered to him Nania. Red-Star took Nania to the tropical islands of Hawaii; there in paradise it happened. Nania and Red-Star found what they had lost with one another the love they shared. It was also there he had proposed to her and she had accepted there where married there on the Island in a private ceremony on the beach. That night lovemaking consumed them both as they bonded in body, mind, and soul. From this union the seeds of life where created. Red-Star and Nania spent several more weeks in paradise. Red-Star changed his name to that of his father he had known when he left the islands he returned to Paragon City with his new wife, and his new Name Alex Storkefski II The Red-Star.