Fire - Part One

From the Story Arc: The Weight of the World

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(posted Thursday, May 12, 2005)

Zach patted his stomach contentedly. One of the more underated aspects of having a mutant phsiology is that Zach was capable of consuming massive quantites of junk food without any ill effects. A night involving a case of beer, three pounds of nachos and two cartoons of ice cream would have made most folks feel a bit off their kilter, but luckily the Bestial Boy’s efficient gastro-intestinal system did not so much as give him gas.

He looked over at the gorgeous Red-haired amazon sleeping beside him, and realized that he had it pretty good for a green skinned mutant that oozed inky blackness from his skin. Still, he couldn’t help but think of the role “fiery” women had played in his life. Maybe his body hadn’t digested his food as well as he thought, because he was about to have a rough night.

As he drifted off to sleep, images flew through his mind in reverse, like a film reel being rewound. First he was fighting the Praetorians yesterday, then the Circle of Thorns two months prior. Like a reader skimming a book for an important passage, his subconscious threaded through his memories, searching for something. But searching for what?

Suddenly the reverse rewind of his life slowed, and he found himself standing in an office building. With the omniscience that dreams sometimes grant, he knew that this is before he became a commissar of the CCCP. He is there with two women. Both have pointed ears, but one has an elfin look, the other a feral appearance. The dark haired girl looks at Zach with a condescending air, but the feral girl has bright red hair and is laughing. Zach’s subconscious and conscious minds meet up for a moment, and he realizes that he is reliving his last memories of Bestla…

“Ha! We are not elves!”, the haughty Bestla says to the dark-haired girl. “You think because we have pointed ears we are elves? We are mutants!”

The dark-haired girl shook her head, not comprehending. “I am not familiar with this term, what is a ‘mutant’?”.

Bestla let out another trademark laugh, throwing her mane of red hair back. She looked slyly over at Zach, “Comrade Zachary ,we show her what mutants are?” Zach got the hint. Simultaneously, Zach began oozing his black aura to surround them, while Bestla burst into flames. The dark haired girl’s eyes turned wide as saucers, but the mischevious mutants kept it up. Now they were surrounded in impenetrable blackness, unable to see anything except for the woman-shaped flame that was Bestla. The black clouds of Zach’s aura cooled the air, while simulataneously chilling the spirit.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!!”, the girl screamed, and both mutants turned off their powers. “I think I get it now! Just stop!” Zach felt a bit embarrassed over having scared the girl, but looking over at Bestla, her arms folded across her chest and with a satisfied look in her eye, he couldn’t suppress a smirk.

Bestla was the opposite of Zach in many ways. While Zach was always embarassed to be a mutant, Bestla embraced it with her trademark passion. She acted as though the rest of mankind were deviant, not her, and that influence was starting to rub off on Zach, boosting his confidence. Sadly, that flame was snuffed out too soon.

But just as sadness crept into his conscious mind, Zach’s subconscious grabbed a hold of the steering wheel again, and the careening car of his mind headed down memory lane once again. And another face calling to him through flames.

[to be continued]