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(posted Monday, May 16, 2005)


Soviette kept on staring at Khrushchev as she released her grasp around him. Placing her hands on his arms she smiled from ear to ear. "It is so good to see you---I can't tell you what a relief it was for me, for all of us here---being so close to".

She stopped mid sentence as she thought her words might startle Khrushchev.

"So close to what?" Khrushchev questioned.

"Nothing---nothing at all---oh God I can't wait to tell the others".

"The others?"

"You know the rest of the group; they will be so excited to hear of your miraculous recovery. Are you up for a visit---or even better do you think you could walk?"

"I guess so…" Khrushchev began to follow Soviette out of the room "You know, comrade, I am having a hard time remembering anything---how I got here---where I have been all this time…"


As he walked through the door, looking from side to side, no one was there. The hallway was deserted.

"There is no way she could have been moving that fast." He spoke to himself as he peered from side to side. Something was not right. The place looked like a war had gone through here. The walls were burned and broken; furniture lay toppled over on the floor, cobwebs lined the ceiling corners.

"What is going on here?" He turned around, wondering how the place became such a mess after he left the pristine lab. But even that was now in ruin, all the equipment was not functioning, the floor was torn up in places and covered in dust. Khrushchev ran his hand over the walls, pushing his finger through the burn holes; some of the sheetrock cracked and broke off. The bed he had spent so much time on was blood stained, old dried blood the color of rust and the sheets were torn.

A few papers were scattered on the floor, including a set of folders. He slowly sat down on the floor and pulled the papers from under the broken ceiling tiles that rested on them. He blew the dust off the covers and wiped the tab to see if the writing was still legible.

"This is my medical log" Khrushchev spoke as he paged through the folders contents. He read through the multiple entries, from his arrival to the last entry which he read aloud to himself. "Medical log entry number forty seven---To the Commissars and fellow officers it is with great despair that I give you this information. At two this morning Officer and fellow Comrade Khrushchev succumbed to his injuries and passed away. It is with a heavy heart that I share this information with you. His body will be buried in accordance to his will".

Khrushchev stared at the papers he could not believe what he was just reading; he frantically shuffled through page after page to see if he missed anything. A small yellow sticky fell out, it was worn and barley visible, "the key to Khrushchev's recovery lies with…"

"Are you alright? ---Khrushchev?"

"Yes I am functioning properly…" he scanned the area to re-identify his location---"Perez Park".

"Yes good old Perez Park---where we have been for over an hour now, well until you went on overload and frightened those kids over there". Home World pointed to the two small children playing ball in the grass.

"I have a problem with my memory banks, I will need to seek maintenance as soon as I get back to headquarters". Khrushchev paused momentarily as he stared at the young girl running through the open field.

"Right, if you say so---wait where are you going?" Home World watched as Khrushchev approached the small children. The red ball they were playing with landed near his feet. Crouching down he picked it up and held it out. The little girl looked so familiar to him, the same pink dress and blond pony tailed hair. "You seem to have dropped your ball, although my sensors determined there was a sudden shift in the wind which may have caused you to miscalculate the trajectory".

"Thanks mister…" she turned and began to skip towards the young boy she was playing with. Stopping for just a moment she turned and ran back. She walked right up to Khrushchev, whose presence would be intimidating for even an adult, yet she showed no fear. Leaning in, she whispered into where a person's ear should be, the words "all you need to do is wake up". She smiled to Khrushchev and then ran back to playing with her friend.

"Comrade are you coming?"

"What--- where am I?"

"I thought you may have a difficult time walking so I brought back this wheel chair, I hope it supports you ok. We had a better one but Chug chewed off the wheels".

"Soviette---what's going on here? I was just talking to…"

"We were going to go see everyone else---that's when I came back and saw you crouched down talking to that strip of molding. Perhaps you are still having some issues from your recovery, I am sure you will be fine; you just need some more time. For now why don't you hop on in and I'll wheel you over".

Khrushchev grabbed onto the wall to help pull himself up, sitting down in the chair he scratched the side of his head. "It was so strange Soviette, I was just there talking to Comrade Home World when you showed up".

Soviette began pushing Khrushchev down the hallway "who is Home World?"

To be continued…