Conspiracy against the defenders of the People

(posted Saturday, July 03, 2004)


News has reached my ears that is of vital importance to the members, nay the survival of the members of our glorious Coalition. While on mission today in Paragon City, I had the ambigous experience of meeting Genosse X (shall remained unnamed for safety reasons).

For reasons that I have not completely understood, this Genosse is part of the so-called "Pack", a secret organization, or shall I say assassination squad, apparently created by Worker's Champion himself. Objective of this squad is to eliminate key members of CCCP in order to kill unrest towards unfair Moscow policies.

Now while I understand that to many this may come as a shocking news, I also must urge you all to take precautionary measures for your safety. Whether you believe in this threat or not, it is of vital importance that we all survive. Non-Russian Genossen should be even more cautious, as they have been the target of recent discriminatory policies from Moscow.

I know that this post puts me and other members of the Collective at great risk, but I believe a threat that you expect is less dangerous than the one one cannot see, hear or touch.

Proletarier aller Laender vereinigt Euch!