Report on Althea Nagy

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(posted Monday, May 16, 2005)

Glavnoye Razvedovatel'noye Upravlenie
Summary Field Report R-49AN-347
New Personnel: ALTHEA NAGY

Comrades, I have had some opportunity to observe the new transfer to CCCP from Moscow over the past few weeks. She has improved her super/paranormal skills quite substantially. She has demonstrated some initiative in fighting criminal elements alone, but has demonstrated discipline and good performances when teamed with other members. Overall, I think she will have great potential in helping endeavors headed by GRU.

However, I do feel at this time she lacks self confidence and will require a leadership in any field operations. Because of this, I am hesitant to suggest any use of the agent in our South American Paranormal campaign. I am surprised Moscow authorized her transfer to the United States without further development of her abilities. I fear we are again cleaning up the mess from a failed KGB operation.

Any further improvements in overall performance and leadership skills will be noted. However, for now I think it would be best the agent reside in the United States under CCCP tutelage for the time being.

Kapitan Untermensch