Part 2 The Falling: Blood and Shadows - The Arrival


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(posted Monday, May 16, 2005)

As Ursa Major gets off the boat in Independence port he looks around "So this is Paragon City birthplace of tomorrow. I would have to say I am impressed." Ursa Major heaves his canvas bags over his shoulder and departs the freighter ship. He had bought passage to Paragon City from New York 3 days ago. Ursa -Major was here to see his old friend Red-Star and to put the ghosts of his past to rest even if it meant killing them. The Captain of the ship walks up to Ursa Major before he disembarks. "So Comrade it is good you have come to Paragon City many of our peoples have come here to start new life away from the economic troubles of Mother Russia...I hope you have had good 3 day trip with us “ Ursa-Major looks down into the eyes of the captain and standing up to his full 8ft 320 pound build. The captain steps make a moment not knowing what to expect.

Ursa-Major Smiles "Da comrade it was the food was warm and filling and the Vodka was a very good year. It was nice to remember and sing some of the old folks songs of our homeland"

Captain "Thank you comrade it is not often I get travelers on my ship. It my be just a cargo huller but I do take pride on having my guests as comfortable as possible." " I am wondering about one thing comrade what brought you here to Paragon City by this way?"

Ursa Major "I have come to deal with someone in this city, if I had come her by plan I would have been noticed. This way I come here and cannot draw attention to myself. I will not say any more my good captain."

Caption "I understand comrade such matters are best to keep to a mans own devices. Good journey to you and stay safe. I hope you find who you are looking for."

Ursa Major "I'm sure I will, Captain I'm sure I will"

As Ursa Major heads down the gangplank. The Captain watches him as we walks away. In his mind the Captain says to himself "I am sure you will find that which you seek my friend. I feel sorry for the person you are hunting...that person must have done something terrible to bring you from the motherland to this city. Good Luck” The Captain turns back to the task at hand getting the cargo off of his ship to the dockhands below.