Secrets Revealed

From the Story Arc: The Sleeper Awakens

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(posted Monday, May 16, 2005)

Secrets Revealed

“Wait where are we going again?”

“I told you---we are going to see the others.”

“At this time? Does it not strike you as slightly odd that anyone would be awake at this time?”

“Don’t worry, they will be there, especially now that they know where you are”.

“What do you mean by that? Know where I am--- haven’t I been here the whole time?”

Soviette pushed Khrushchev to the elevator and wheeled him inside. “So where are we going? ---what floor? ---Soviette, earth to Soviette…” He turned around in his chair and she was gone, the doors on the elevator opened and he did not recognize where he was.

“This seems all too familiar to me” Khrushchev remarked to himself as he stood up and could freely walk again. Walking towards the glass door it opened automatically as he drew near. It was a lab, but not any lab.

Crey Labs.

He had seen this room before but could not recall when or why. File cabinets lined the far wall, Khrushchev began to rummage through them. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt something in there would have the answer to a question he could not ask. He went through folder after folder trying to reveal anything he could.

“They’re all blank---all of them --- blank”. Each folder had nothing but a set of empty papers behind it; most of the folders’ names were not even words just letters strung together.

“What is going on with me? I can’t tell the difference between what is real or what is not!”

Khrushchev became increasingly frustrated as he continued to search for answers. Even the laptop computer that sat on one of the desks was fake.

Then he heard several voices from the hallway just outside the lab; at this point with not knowing what would happen next, it seemed as good a time as any to hide. He did not know when it would change next, but figured it would be best not to be detected. Quietly, he crouched under a table in the lab closet and peered through the cracked door, making sure he was not seen or heard. He could see several people walking in towards the lab; most were in Crey uniforms, but one was in normal street clothing. Khrushchev was to low and could only see the legs and could not tell if he knew any of them.

“We here at Crey have far exceeded what anyone could imagine. Think of the possibilities of what we can provide you! Super-human powers, abilities beyond that of any mortal man!”

“While it all sounds intriguing, but---I am --- a little worried about possible side effects”.

“Of course you are---but what little side effects there maybe --- and I assure you there are none could possibly warrant you straying away from such vast potential?”

“Well I…”

“Come now, think of the possibilities, think of the power--- the fame and fortune! We here at Crey believe that we can help evolution by giving it a little nudge in the right direction”.

“While this all sounds well and good---what does Crey get out of this”.

“Getting smarter already I see--- Crey only asks that for the abilities we give you, in return you demonstrate your abilities in the field. Go out there and clean the streets, help show Paragon that inventions--- rather Crey employees , can help clean this city of it’s seedy underbelly”.

“What about the Crey Protectors I have seen and read so much about?”

“Don’t get me wrong the Crey protectors are an excellent resource; they have great abilities and have provided excellent service throughout the years--- but they lack that human quality”.

“How so?”

“Well first off their machines--- secondly---forget it we want you to be more we want a Crey Hero”.

“Wait let me get this right--- your going to make me into a super hero?”

“Oh no--- so much more then that! You will be far superior to any of those so called hero’s! While I give the heroes credit for their bravery --- occasionally--- they are not always the brightest bunch. You will be stronger, faster, and far exceed the intelligence of any of them. Just sign here and we can proceed. Excellent--- welcome to the team”.

Khrushchev carefully gathered in all of the information he could the Crey experiments had a familiar ring to it. “Where have I heard that before? That voice sounds so familiar--- my god that voice that’s--- it’s me!” Khrushchev tried desperately to peer upwards through the crack of the door but they had all left.


Khrushchev was tapped on the shoulder, this startled him to jump upwards, forgetting that he was under a table. His head bounced off the metal to a resounding thud.

“My God you scared me---wait a minute,” he opened the door a bit more to let more light come through “--- you’re that same little girl I keep seeing---who---who are you?”

“That’s not important, what’s important is that you know the secret belongs with the” she held up a piece of glass and turned it up so that I could see. It had writing on it that I had a hard time reading but was able to make it out.

“Belongs with the itikir---wait what the hell does that mean?” Khrushchev looked perplexed as he tried to understand the message.

“You will discover in time--- oh and could you press four?” She smiled and began to fade.

“Comrade could you press four for me?” Soviette pointed to the controls on the elevator Khrushchev turned and saw Soviette smiling, “Four please…it’s the one after three before five”.

“Yeah---right---did you just see that little girl? She was just right here”.

“Umm no---but if there is one we won’t see her till you get us off this elevator”.

“Something is terribly wrong here”.

“What is wrong is that we are sitting here watching the door open and shut, I would say you need some rest but you have been sleeping for over three months, so I just think you still need time to adjust”. Khrushchev reached forward and pressed the button for the forth floor. He watched it as it lit up; he turned quickly to make sure she was still there. She smiled again “See that’s how that works---you press the button we move”.

To be continued…