A time for Goodbye's

(posted Tuesday, May 17, 2005)

A Time for Goodbye’s

Khrushchev walked into the conference room of CCCP headquarters and placed a large black bag on one end of the table and his gun case on the other. The room began to silence as he made his way to the podium.

Agn placed his hand in front of his mouth and whispered to Althea “kind of scary isn’t it? ---how he carries that thing everywhere he goes”.

Althea’s eyes opened wider than normal and she pushed herself farther away towards the back of the room.

Khrushchev cleared his throat as he fiddled with some papers. He looked through the room and saw a lot of familiar faces and a few new ones as well. Everyone was properly attired in their respectful uniforms, the CCCP with the black and red trim and the Young Champions with the red and yellow trim. Conspicuously Khrushchev was in wrinkled worn out street clothes, he had the appearance that he had slept in them for several days.

Bestial Boy slid a small piece of paper to Commissar Saviour it read ‘a little underdressed for a formal presentation aren’t we?’

Saviour whispered back “I will talk to him about it afterward, let’s just hear what’s so important to have a meeting so early in the morning”.

Communard stood up before Khrushchev could speak “I would like to offer a toast to Comrade Khrushchev for his successful recovery and rejoining the group. At his time I feel it would be necessary to start conducting experiments on you…”

The group laughed and everyone got a kick out of Communard, he poured some Vodka into a shot glass and presented it to Khrushchev “Salut Comrade, drink and be healthy”.

“Salut”. Khrushchev brought the small glass to his mouth and tilted back his head. The feeling of the warm liquid rushing down his throat brought back memories of his introduction to the group. “God they aren’t making this any easier” he thought to himself as he placed the glass on the table. “Spaciba Comrade Communard for those kind words”.

“I want to thank all of you for taking time out of your hectic schedules to come and hear what I have to announce. There comes a time in everyone’s life when we must decide where we see ourselves in the future. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? These all point to the million dollar question, which I have discovered I do not have the million dollar answer”.

Khrushchev paused for a moment and stared out amongst the group; he took the papers in his hand, folded them up and placed them in his pocket.

“I had a speech prepared, --- well notes I guess ---written on cocktail napkins that I never numbered--- and pretty much doodled over so I will have to wing it. I joined this group sometime ago as a lonely hero looking for a home. During the first year the Commissar’s thought me worthy enough to bestow the rank of Officer to my uniform. I have carried that sentiment proudly and have tried my best to keep the sanctity of its meaning and the name of the CCCP in tact”.

Khrushchev began to get choked up a little; he reached for the pitcher of water and poured himself a glass. The cold water cleared the scratchiness but could not remove that sinking feeling in the back of his throat.

“I have also had my share of difficult times, and as soon as I thought I was over them, they would resurface. I am having a difficult time discerning fact from fiction, dream form reality. While the assistance that I have received form Comrade Home World and our good Doctor Soviette has helped, I have been re-experiencing events of the past that I do not wish to remember”.

Untermensch turned towards Soviette whispering “I thought you told us he was fine!”

“He is--- I mean he was --- I---he didn’t tell me about this, I can’t be his keeper”.

“That is why I have chosen to return to Crey Labs---return to the very place where it all started and turn back the hands of time. I have been promised by the head of engineering at Crey labs that they will undo the work that was performed so long ago. That through surgery I will be returned from---well what you see now---to who I used to be”.

Everyone began turning to each other and began whispering, questioning what was going on. Saviour stood up and prompted the group.

“Please everyone be quiet---Comrade Khrushchev what exactly are you saying?”

“I am saying I am leaving---I am leaving the CCCP. You have and always will be my friends”.

Everyone was in shock; no one spoke as they could not believe what they had heard.

Khrushchev moved towards the table and just as he was going to grab his things he saluted the group for one final time. “Do Svedanya Comrades”. He picked up his bag and his case walked towards the door, he opened it and looked back---a sad dismayed look came over his face and he left.

Outside a cab waited for him, he placed his items in the trunk and sat in the back seat “Peregrine Island, Crey Labs”.

“You got it buddy…”

Khrushchev turned around and to see head quarters for one last time and waved a final good bye.

The End

OOC: (( I want to thank everyone in the group from the old to the knew who have made this game very enjoyable over the past year. I have learned a lot from all of you, from story writing (Which I still suck at----but I am trying) to Role Playing something I had never done before.

I have however decided that I must leave the CCCP for new ventures---I guess that’s what you would call it. I have found it difficult lately to play as most of you live on the other side of this country of ours and your schedules are significantly different in mind. As soon as you are beginning your gaming evening I am ready for sleep. I rarely get the chance to play with anyone and am missing out on some of these Role Play sessions which I enjoy so much. I am not leaving the game but will begin playing only on one of the east coast servers. Feel free do what ever you want to my stories as long as they are respectful, meaning don’t take Khrushchev from being a powerful blaster hero to someone who gets picked up by the small yellow bus on his way to missions.

I wish everyone luck I thank Red Saviour/Blade for creating such a great site and a great place for people to gather. I thank Chug for creating the best character, Althea for correcting my grammer (spelled that wrong on purpose). Soviette for healing my squishyness all this time, Agn for being the best support of my stories. Communard for having the best runaway line of “FLEE Comrades” first tiem I heard that I spit out my water all over my keyboard”. Reaktsiya for introducing me to the group, watching Kostyak hit on all the women, Beslta’s battles and so forth. Thanks to anyone I have missed.))

Your Friend in Gaming,